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Storytelling Playlist

Top 5 Shows on Storytelling:

Storytelling is THE most important tool we have as speakers and leaders. When we can tell stories with authenticity, clarity and courage – along with a good dose of skill – we can ignite a powerful catalyst for our ideas and movements. And, stories are the KEY to audience engagement!

Here are some greatest hits on the power and skill of of stories:   

1. 193: Six Rookie Storytelling Mistakes (Even the Pros Make)

With small adjustments, your storytelling skills can skyrocket. Here are six storytelling mistakes I see even the pros making from time to time – and what you can do instead!


We’ve all seen those stories that create a moment up front, where it seems like the scene is happening right in front of our eyes. Those are the talks – the speakers – the ideas – we remember. Listen in to learn about three things those storytelling pros do to create the magic:

3. 196: Three Things You Need to Believe to Tell Your Story With Authenticity

Sharing our own stories can feel daunting, pushing us outside our comfort zone. So – in order to step out front and share our story with authenticity – we’ve got to believe these three key ideas: 

4. Q&A: How Do I Get Better at Storytelling?

A Mover reached out to me to ask, “I want to get better at storytelling – but… how?” Well, Scott – here are some key takeaways to up your storytelling game!

5. 145: Speaking Truth #5 – Stories Are the Pathway to Empathy

There are seven speaking truths that we all need to embrace if we want to share our messages with courage and clarity. One of those truths is that stories are the pathway to empathy. I believe that! I think stories can reach across divides in a way that nothing else can. Take a listen:

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