It’s true! I’m a regular-ol Midwestern Gal who happened to fall in love with being “up in front of people” at a pretty young age.

It was born out of a belief that something powerful can happen between speaker and audience.

There I was, 9 years old, lying in bed listening to the cassette tape (yes, I’m that old) of MLK’s I Have a Dream speech. This Midwestern, Minnesotan, middle of the (very white) suburbs, a middle child of three brothers, in the middle of a big AHA… experiencing a tiny peek into someone’s life that’s very different from my own.

I was moved.

That’s what speaking can do: transform us from one place to another, one idea to another. To make people think. To make them laugh!

And it’s my passion and purpose to MOVE YOU - so you can MOVE YOUR PEOPLE.


hey there!


butI'm not a special unicorn!

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but what makes me different is howI do it


And after college I found myself speaking in front of 150+ teenagers 4x a week trying to get them to care about big ideas that most teenagers roll their eyes at: kindness, courage, and respect. And I had to learn really quickly how to make these really important ideas matter to them…

And it wasn’t the power of the script.
It wasn’t the polish of my delivery.
It was the personal story that opened the door to meaning and connection.

I did high school speech, coached by truly the best coaches in the country. I learned all the finesse and poise and polish (even though I wasn’t the most polished and poised person). I won some awards. I studied theater in college and turned that poise into something personal, something more real.

why i am here

my story

So I set off to graduate school to figure out why. 
I got a Master's Degree in Persuasion - finding affirmation in the power of stories, and learning the theoretical groundwork to understand why we as humans are moved (or not). 

it turns out - what most moved that challenging audience was an authentic story...

Fun facts!

My favorite weekend activity

hot-tubbing & long walks with my dog, Bailey

a hobby that i love

my go-to vacation getaway

things I enjoy

Bubbly Water

Iced Coffee


words to live by

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."
 ~Maya Angelou

watching fantasy movies & shows (over and over again!) 

anywhere with a beach! - including my cabin.

"I can't imagine where I'd be without this program. SALLY HAS CHANGED MY life."


speaker love

If you are needing clarity to figure out what's next for you in your speaking, let's hop on a quick 15-minute Clarity Call. In 15 minutes, we'll help you determine the next best step to scale your speaking for more impact, authority, and revenue. 

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"Sally offers what a coach does best, raising the lid of current performance. She found my blind spots and pushed me to address them."

-Scott savage

speaker love

develop clarity & confidence - and shift out of whatever's holding them back

show up not just sharing what they know - but also who they are.

step into courage (and likely discomfort) in order to level-up, grow, and have a bigger impact!

I help big-hearted entrepreneurs & leaders who are ready to...

leverage the power of speaking to grow both their income - and their impact.

invest time and energy to make their speaking dreams come true

blow their own minds about what is truly possible when they show up with authenticity and courage! 

be brave!

be a speaker!

When not working away in my home office, I am busy raising three teenagers, lamenting how fast they’re growing up, hanging on the patio with my husband watching Netflix, enjoying a glass of wine or bubbly water with friends, doing Karaoke whenever I'm given the chance, dressing up on Halloween (or for any other reason) - and walking Bailey who is probably sitting under my desk keeping my feet warm as you read this. 

I im a Virgo, a 7 on the Enneagram, an ENFP, and hold Positivity, Woo, Communication, Arranger and Includer as my Strengths. Let's do this.

(And yes, this is an old picture - because, well, have you tried getting a picture of three teenagers? It's hard.)


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"My talk turned out to be amazing – I’ve been speaking a lot, but never with such positive feedback.  I’m not even sure I can put into words what a ‘high’ that left me on. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart – for all your advice, insights, tips, and cheerleading. the bar has officially been raised."

 - movers collective speaker

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