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Sally is an award-winning speaker who has spoken to thousands about how they lIVE & SPEAK with more confidence, clarity, authenticity, and courage.

“I’ve spent 20 years speaking from stages around the world, and I’ve built a global network of storytellers & communicators along the way. Sally's a special kind of magic. I love putting her on stage as a speaker. She’s multi-talented, and real. Where so many others in this business can often feel a little slimy and salesy, Sally brings a heart-centered
approach and connects with authenticity.
Book her…while you still can.”

~Harris III
event producer, entrepreneur & speaker

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Bring Sally in to inject your experience with more joy - while offering powerful insights about how to shift from self-doubt to self-confidence and courageously take the leaps that big impact requires.


defying delays

Secrets to living BIGGER, BRAVER, & BOLDER - faster.

You (yes, you!) belong on stage

own your voice so you can have a bigger impact

the persuasion playbook

How to Leverage the Persuasive Power of Story to Make Your Mark, Pitch Your Ideas, & Ignite Meaningful change

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We know each event and opportunity is different - and we want to make sure we can meet the moment. Let's chat to find out if Sally's a good fit for you (and you a good fit for her)! 

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"Sally had an outsized impact on the community of presentation professionals who attend our conference. We speak often about the importance of authenticity and then often joke about how people need to learn it and practice it. But Sally simply exudes it; she is just so obviously being herself in front of our audiences. That has been an inspiration to them and makes our jobs easier too. You want to learn how to be authentic? Just watch Sally…

~Rick Altman
event producer of the Presentation Summit

I skipped out on stage as Uncle Albert in the summer school's production of Mary Poppins. (Yep, Uncle Albert!) I'll never forget the moment when they laughed... Not at me (although, let's be real, some people were probably doing that!) - but with me! I had delighted the audience - and I was hooked. 

That feeling? - of taking a risk and experiencing the reward? It set me on a path of continuing to step into these "big" moments, believing it would be worth it - like a TEDx Talk, a National Championship speech, my College Commencement speech, auditioning and acting for theater productions and traveling the country speaking to teenagers (talk about risk and reward!). 

Even with all that experience - I still get nervous. I still wonder if I have what it takes. I still sometimes feel unworthy of the big moments I've created for myself, or been invited into. 

Because - whether we're standing on a big stage or simply finding the courage to take that next big business leap - those big moments can have powerful ripple effects in our business - or in our lives - and they often require us to tap into a part of ourselves we've never shown before...  

It takes courage to to leap! So my passion is speaking to high-potential dreamers to help them overcome their self-doubt, own their authentic voice and courageously take the leaps that will move their audience - and the world. 

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keynote audience member

Sally is such an amazing presence, her presentation was so 

First session of the day, and my day is already made!” 

insightful & refreshing!

keynote topic

defying delays

secrets to living bigger - bolder - and braver (FASTER)!

Most people believe that only certain special (and elite!) people have what it takes to - launch that podcast - go for that promotion - create that course - get on the big stage! - or [fill in the blank]!... 

Nope! - It’s not true. But it definitely feels that way. After twenty years of walking side-by-side with hundreds of leaders and entrepreneurs of all stripes in the biggest ‘brave’ moments of their careers - I can tell you there is no innate talent or “x factor” that determines someone’s success. Those high-stakes, big-time moments? They call upon something that we can ALL access. Turns out - we don't need permission, or to have a huge following, or to research and learn until we feel totally, 100%, perfect-proof ready. But we DO need to practice the Art of the PLUNGE*. Because on the other side of that plunge is everything you want but aren't sure you can have: more opportunities - more impact - more growth - and more fulfillment. 


Unlock the key difference in thinking that holds most people back from taking action. 

Identify the specific "delay" that's holding you back from your next big, transformative risk - and what to do about it.

Learn a simple framework to #showupanyway- and move through the sometimes debilitating fear that’s keeping you stuck -and keeping you from growth & impact!


KEY AUDIENCES: entrepreneurs, sales & external leaders, and anyone who wants to do bigger things (faster)!

your playing small does not serve the world.

keynote topic

the persuasion playbook


STORYTELLING IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL TOOLS available to anyone who has the courage to yield it.. The problem is: we don't know how!

Instead, we fall into the trap of believing we don't have what it takes, and struggle to step out front and speak with full confidence & authenticity. In this interactive, delightful, and engaging keynote, Sally breaks down the myths of storytelling in business and leadership - and shares a simple approach to leverage story to persuade, engage, and connect.


Learn how to leverage a story based on the latest brain science (and why only stories can do it)

Identify the key shift we have to make as leaders in order to more powerfully persuade and influence.

Discover 3 powerful approaches to ensuring your story moves your audience - whoever that audience is. 

KEY AUDIENCES: entrepreneurs, leaders of all kinds, anyone who wants to move their audience

keynote topic

moving your audience

how to UNSHACKLE FROM the old ways and transform your approach to public speaking

THEN YOU NEED TO SPEAK. The problem is? Most people hate it with the force of a thousand suns.

It doesn't have to be that way. In this equal parts fun (yes, fun!) and insightful keynote, your audience will walk away with a simple approach to prepare for and create key messages - rooted in story and connection. This approach is based on persuasion theory and grounded in practical strategies that can apply to any scenario, including everyday connections, quick pitches, and high-stakes presentations.


Identify and discard the myths that keep people from using their voice and stepping into leadership

Discover the basics of persuasion theory - and how to use it in your everyday work

Create a "2-minute Talk" with a simple persuasion framework that leverages persuasion theory and helps you more easily move your "audience" (whoever that might be)!

KEY AUDIENCES: corporate, leadership, and anyone who wants to be more confident in their speaking

keynote topic

authenticity in the big moments


What if I told you that your credibility actually ISN'T on the line? 

Being ourselves in the big moments sounds easy, but we know it's not. We hope that when the spotlight - or interview - or big presentation - or raising your hand in that meeting moment! - comes along, we'll ground ourselves in our voice and values in a powerful and confident way. But, as a coach for the last 20+ years, I've seen again and again the most confident of people feel like they need to "be someone else" in order to be taken seriously or to have a real impact. There's a better way!  Even when we're convinced we can't. 


Embrace a new and empowering definition of Authenticity (it's not what you think)

Identify your challenge 'type' - and what it really means for you moving forward

Discover 3 powerful approaches to helping you be more 'you' in the big moments, and stay grounded in your authentic voice and stories. 

KEY AUDIENCES: entrepreneurs, business owners, women in leadership, emerging leaders


We know each event and opportunity is different - and we want to make sure we can meet the moment. Let's chat to find out if Sally's a good fit for you (and you a good fit for her)! 

let's chat.


She makes speaking FUN. Believe it or not - Sally believes that speaking (yes, speaking) can be joyful. She knows that many people take speaking too seriously - so she brings the ‘fun’ so others can, too. 

top 5 reasons to book sally...

She’s A Coach. Sally loves to speak - but the drive to speak is really about empowering the AUDIENCE to shine brightly, and step into their own brave & magic. Sally will make you believe that you can!

She’s Not a Special Unicorn. Although Sally truly loves to speak and has always enjoyed being up in front - she struggles just like the rest of us. She gets nervous, she doubts herself, she has worked hard to learn these skills! And she believes that the same is true for YOU: anyone can move from "can I?" to "LET'S GO."

She's Insightful. Don’t let all the fun and brightness fool you; Sally brings a depth and insight to her speaking that makes an audience feel respected, seen, and moved. 

She’s Not a One-Trick Pony. Sally can customize her content to your specific audience and needs - making sure that she brings her expertise into your event in a way that feels authentic, memorable - and exactly what they need. 

She’s focused on CONNECTION - Not Perfection. The ultimate goal for any speaker should be to connect. And perfection gets in the way. So we can promise you right now, Sally won’t be perfect - but she will CONNECT!

(Ok, that’s six, but what can we tell you?! - there are lots of reasons to hire Sally!)

Sally speaks both in-person and virtually, and is open to limited travel.
For her speaking fees or availability, click here.

take a closer look:

keynote audience member

“WOW! Sally’s authentic self shining through all this great material was amazing to witness! This was the best 30 minutes I have ever spent!

Sally actually makes me WANT to speak in public and present! She is such an amazing presence, her presentation was so insightful and refreshing! Made me feel ok with myself when speaking. First session of the day, and my day is already made!”


My favorite is still Sally’s content and learning how to be authentic in my presentations....

I have had a lot of people coach me on presenting and I always felt I was less myself after each of those “coaching sessions” and coming out of Sally’s I will be throwing away all the advice I got over the years...


I learned how to craft stories for impact and design a talk that people wanted to book! 

Since STS, I've booked 11 gigs! So exciting. And from those events, I've booked more coaching clients. So grateful for Sally's guidance and expertise.

And she's just a joy to be with!

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