hi, I’m Sally Z

I’m a professional speaking coach who’s spent the last 20 years helping thousands of people learn to peel back layers of public speaking myths to share their ideas with authenticity, a cohesive narrative, and a powerful point of view.

I help speakers
go from good to

From boring to brilliant -my skill-building approach and time-tested insights help you learn to trust yourself with newfound confidence when you step into the spotlight. My job is to help you lead your business or movement with impact. And I love it! Giving caring and honest feedback is my specialty, and my honor.

Sally and Husband

Beyond my passion for empowering others, I am also a mom of three, a wife to my college sweetheart Andy, and a proud Minnesotan. (You betcha!)

Sally's family

“Great feedback in all
aspects of development,
from concepting to
perfecting final product,

Sally delivers.”

Be coached by the Best

“I’ve hired Sally multiple times to help my team and me develop and perfect important presentations and I would, without a doubt recommend her work!”

  • Kristi Wasmer,
    Vice President of Nickelodeon
    Retail Development

You can
          be impactful.

“Sally offers what a coach does best, raising the lid of current performance. She found my blind spots and pushed me to address them.

– Scott Savage

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