We Need Each Other: Movers-U is now open

Hey, Movers!

Hello, my friends, speakers, leaders…

What I’m feeling the need for right now is community. I hear it in my speaker’s despair about canceled or postponed conferences and events; I hear it in my client’s worry about their organizations and teams and how they’ll continue to serve their audiences. And I hear it in my own words and musings!

We. Need. Each. Other.

Speakers, you are invited to connect, breathe, dig in, and share. You are invited to ask for what you need, and #BeSupported. And if/when you’re ready – to hone your skills and think once again about how we can impact our audiences.

Please remember: our voices are still needed. Our audiences are still there. We just need to meet them in a new place – and that will require from us to pivot a bit, adjust, try some new things, get creative – and we can do all of those things better in community.

If you want a place where other leaders, changemakers and speakers are gathering to continue to move their audiences, please join. It’s free. We got you. We got this.

Please share if you think this would help others!

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Sally Z