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No matter where you are on your speaking journey, I can help you reach your next milestone. Click on a course description to learn more and dive in.

S.A.S.I Prep Course

Start your success story.

The S.A.S.I. mini-course gives you the essential framework for preparing an authentic, connected, present and clear talk that makes an impact. Learn immediately actionable tools for any size message, talk or presentation – helping you step out front with confidence.

Course Features:

  • 20 short videos
  • Workbook
  • Private community group with LIVE Q&As.

Speaking Story Course

Build your story – and your Brand.

Get ready to lead, inspire and influence. Through this in-depth course on the craft of developing and delivering the story of your idea, you will harness the power of persuasion and have a memorable impact, finally feeling confident in your storytelling abilities.

Course Features:

  • 50 videos
  • Workbooks, pdfs,
    downloadable tools
  • Private community group with LIVE Q&As.
  • Bonus videos and resources

Individual Coaching

sessions can be added
for an additional fee

Take your talk to the Next Stage

The Signature Talk Studio re-opens October 21st, 2020! Get on the Early-Bird Waitlist for early access. Sign up here!

Signature Talk Course

Make your
experience Matter.

Just got asked to do a TEDx talk or speak at a major conference? Take your powerful idea and turn it into a memorable, impactful signature talk – delivered with authenticity and courage – from any stage.

Course Features:

  • 5 Modules and 50+
    short videos
  • Workbooks and
    downloadable tools
  • Private community group with LIVE Q&As.
  • Bonus videos and resources from industry experts

If you want to focus on one specific area, these three main modules are available for purchase separately.

The process of writing your talk from idea to done.

  • Identify strategies to start the process – and how to get un-stuck
  • Learn the process of creation – and when to call it quits
  • Discover key talk development short-cuts to get you finished faster
  • Step into your delivery feeling more confident than ever about what you’ve created

Strategies to own the stage and rock your delivery.

  • Overcome memorization and shift to integration
  • Master the use of your body and the stage
  • Learn how to rehearse (and how NOT to!)
  • Channel your adrenaline and use it for audience energy

Get your head in the right space so you can deliver.

  • Learn how to embrace an 80% mindset
  • Discovery key mantras that translate fear into excitement
  • Find and equip your cheerleaders and feedback-givers
  • Feel self-trust, confidence, power and connection in the
    big moments

Join us in Movers-U to access free resources, look around, and test out some of the courses. This community is currently free for ‘founding members’.

Let’s get moving.

Now is the time. Get better at speaking and start sharing your authentic voice.

– Sally Z