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How to go from no-name to big-name in your industry so you can massively scale your business with speaking and grow your impact.

The Scale Your Speaking INSIDER System is a power-packed mini-course that will show you the exact steps to go from drafting your first talk to booking the dream speaking gig, giving you the breakthrough moment of recognition you deserve!

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hey there movement maker,

You have a dream... and it's so crystal clear, you can feel it inside your bones.

your mission,
your vision,
your purpose.

It’s almost painful how much you know your message is needed in this world and if only the right person heard your story, you know without a doubt you would take off like wildfire.

And when you see the “big-names” in your industry on the screen or on stage, it only fans the flame and fires you up. 

You are just as smart, 
just as skilled (maybe even more so!),
and your offer is 100x times better than theirs…

So why do they get all the glory and fame while you're sitting in the little leagues trying to get noticed?

Take in all the expert books, blogs, and podcasts that tell you bits and pieces of how to book that dream gig and create your talk, but by the time you piece it together, nothing feels cohesive and you feel like your talk makes no sense at all.

The advice these “experts” were sharing conflicted with each other and now you feel more confused than before you started. PLUS, after all that work, no one is knocking on your door to speak on their stage…

Use other speeches as inspiration for your own, trying to edit it so it fits your story, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t work…

Your talk doesn’t even feel authentic to you and you feel more like an imposter than ever before... #copycat

Commit to showing up: live workshops, Facebook, and IG Lives, and creating all of the content your audience needs to empower that breakthrough moment…

But only a handful of people join, most leave immediately, and you feel like you’re talking to a wall the entire hour. You can’t help but wonder… how does everyone else get the crowd to actually STAY?

Check your DMs and emails daily hoping for that ONE message that will change it all… An inquiry asking if you speak and how much you charge - YES!

You know if you just had that ONE, BIG opportunity to get your message heard, you could officially say you’re a speaker and your story and message would be unstoppable.. But why hasn’t anyone reached out yet?

You know you could be the next Jasmine Star, Lewis Howes, or Amy Porterfield… Big stages, bright lights, and speaking gigs that practically do all your marketing for you… but how the heck do you break through the noise, get people to stop and listen to you, and get booked??

You can’t help but wonder if maybe you’re not cut out to be a speaker… You feel like maybe you just don’t belong on the speaking stage…

After 20 years as a professional speaker and speaking coach, I’m here to tell you…

You already have everything it takes to be the next big name in your industry.