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Preparation Playlist

Top 3 Shows on Preparation:

How much time should we spend preparing? How do we know when we’re really ready? How does my practicing affect my presenting? These are great and really important questions that determine much of what happens in the moment.

Here are some greatest hits on the how we can prepare better:

1. 199: 3 Ways to Protect Your Presentation Prep Time

How to avoid that ‘oh crap’ moment when we realize… we didn’t prepare enough (or well)! 

2. 81: On the Stumble-Through

I’m sharing with you a secret that has revolutionized the way my speakers prepare. It’s called the Stumble-Through:

3. 49: On the Value of Rehearsal

Getting up and practicing is one of the things that even pro speakers tend to avoid or neglect. But not us! We’re going to step into rehearsal, because it’s where all the AHA’s live.