Join us to transform your approach to speaking in 2021...


without confusion or self-doubt

with The Jump-Start Your Talk Kit!



Without the self-doubt or stress that's keeping you out of the spotlight.

You know speaking is a powerful tool

And the secret to connection, influence, and 10xing your revenue and impact.



We find ourselves:

Unsure of how to go about doing things differently or better.

Out of time and stressed to the max.

Feeling only OK about the result. All that stress… for MEH.


That doesn't mean you don't belong out front. (You do.)

Or that your audience doesn’t need to hear your voice. (They do!)

Here’s what I want you to know:

It's true! So...

What's Holding You Back from the Spotlight?

So many people have big dreams for themselves – their business – and their audience. They want to make good on the powerful promise of speaking! But those internal fears are powerful… Do you… 

  •  Know somewhere deep down you could be on that big stage, wowing your audience (but aren’t sure how to get there)
  •  Watch other ‘experts’ – and replicate what they do (only to find that it doesn’t feel right or work for you)
  • Hear this little voice in the back of your head saying “I have something important to say.”… (and then wonder “Who am I to step out front like that?!)

If you feel a pull out front...

Sally happily working in a coffee shop

I want to welcome you into

Movers-U PNG (1)

A monthly membership that gives you the tools and community you need to up-level your speaking and leverage your authentic voice for growth and impact. 

Perfect for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business owners who know there’s more impact waiting for them on the other side of their courage.

Sally Z sitting at table with a book

MEET YOUR speaker coach

Hi, I'm Sally Z!

I’m a professional speaking coach who’s spent the last 20 years helping thousands of people learn to peel back layers of public speaking myths to share their ideas with authenticity, a cohesive narrative, and a powerful point of view.

I help speakers go from good to great

and boring to brilliant.

My time-tested insights help you learn to trust yourself with newfound confidence when you step into the spotlight. I am also a mom of three, a wife to my college sweetheart Andy, and a proud Minnesotan. (You betcha!)


you'll learn how to:

Create compelling content that connects (both virtual and live!)

So you can stop wandering around in message confusion, winging it with little success or clarity.

Step out front with intentional, grounded, unselfconscious delivery

Perfect for those of us who struggle with how to move and speak with authenticity.

Master your mindset – which is 80% of the challenge!

So you can confidently step into the unknown and trust you’re prepared for anything.

Scale your compelling content and powerful delivery to more people, for more money.

And finally have the level of impact you’ve always dreamed of.

“Feeling in community with others with similar aspirations and dreams was constantly inspiring! Having Sally as a coach who encouraged this community was invaluable. “

Jayla Rae
speaker & Coach

“I highly recommend working with Sally for public speaking. She took me from inexperienced keynote speaker to a confident, professional – and most importantly – impactful presenter.”

Amy Junge
educator, advocate, speaker

let's dig into the details

Here's what's included each month inside the U:

resource #1 ($99 value)

LIVE Q&A with Sally Z

  • Every month your coach Sally Z will host a LIVE Q&A where you can come to get all of your questions answered as you personalize the content. 
  • If you can’t wait until the next Q&A, post your question in the group

Resource #2 ($299 value)

Live Coaching "Hot Seats"

  • Once a month one member will hop on Zoom with Sally, and invite us ALL in to observe a 30-minute coaching session with Sally. These powerful sessions are full of AHA’s – not just for the speaker, but for all of us (plus they’re super fun)!

Resource #3 ($99 value)

Monthly Masterclass

  • Each month you’ll receive access to a new masterclass centered around one of the seasons of speaking (content development, delivery development, mindset development, and business development). 
  • Some months will include guest experts who have specific and tailored insights for us! 
  • Each class will provide you with tools for taking the next step in your speaking journey.

Resource #4 ($99 value)

Library of Resources

  • Inside Movers-U is a mighty and growing library of resources, organized by topic! Looking for resources on content development? How to show up live? How to get more comfortable on camera? If you have the Question, we likely have something that can help. And if not – just post your question to the group!

Resource #5 ($99 value)

Optional Self-lead Accountability Groups

  • If you want to join a “Movers Circle,” we’ll provide you with a suggested format and guidelines to make the most of this opportunity. Think of this as Toastmasters – with heart!

And that's not all! For a limited time, we're also offering access to

these powerful bonuses:

Woman giving presentation

Access to all of our mini-courses (value of $500+)

Get access to the library of mini-courses inside Movers-U, including the Behind the Scenes Virtual Speaker Toolkit, the SASI Speaker Prep Course, and the Braving Videos mini-course.

Sally speaking on TEDx stage

This Moved Me Episode Vault (value of $49+)

Coming in 2021! We’ll be cataloging the top 50 episodes with some of the best speakers in the world who joined Sally on This Moved Me. Your resource library just got even better!

Sally taking notes

Deeply discounted 1:1 Coaching Calls with Sally (value of $499+)

As members, you get discounted 1:1 Coaching with Sally (normally $499) for $299. Think of me as your SOS call when you need some additional support.

Let's do it.

2021 Pricing:

$39/month or $390/yeaR


If you are not 100% satisfied...

If you purchase an annual membership – and find that within 14 days you are not fully satisfied with what you experience, I will offer you a full refund. 

Take two weeks to check out the materials and experience inside the U – THEN make a decision about what’s best for you. (This only applies to annual memberships; monthly memberships are month-to-month, and can be canceled anytime.)

“Sally called me out by first saying – ‘I believe in you.’ And secondly saying ‘And I’m going to challenge you to believe in you.’ I’ve discovered why I’m here and what I really want to say.” 

Kevin B. Jennings
Personal Branding Expert & Coach

“Sally is such an amazing cheerleader and guide through the process. There’s never a perfect time to take on this process! If you’re trying to do it on your own, you may never actually do it. Having a community and guide who supports you along the journey is KEY to making it happen.”


This offer won't be around forever...

Join as an annual member and get two months free on your membership.

$39/month or $390/year

let's tackle some

frequently asked questions:

I already bought one of your courses. How is this different?

If you’re currently a member of the Signature Talk Studio, or the Speaking Story course – you’re already a member of Movers-U (YAY!).* If you have purchased one of the mini-courses, please reach out for your adjusted pricing of Movers-U (you will be reimbursed for the price you paid against the price of the annual membership). 


*This may not be true with incoming cohorts in 2021; but for now, if you’ve purchased one of our Premium courses, you get full access to Movers-U. (Aren’t you happy you jumped in when you did?!)

Speakers: What You Need To Hear Right Now

What are the themes each month?

Each month we’ll be focused on one of four “seasons” in speaking – content development, delivery development, mindset development, and business development (how to leverage speaking to grow your revenue and audience). What I’ve found over the past 20 years is that our speaking development behaves more like Seasons than it does checkboxes. In other words, you work on content for a bit – then delivery – then mindset – then business- and find yourself working on content again (just a little more advanced). Speaking development is iterative, not linear. So – in a year you’ll have three focused months on each of those areas (though resources, questions, ideas from all topics can be shared at any time) that speak to you where you’re at – regardless of your level of experience!

Sally with Mic doing a podcast

How long will it take for me to start making money with my speaking?

Well, there are no guarantees, of course – as every industry and each speaker is different and come to the goal of speaking in a different place. But typically, if speakers are focused on the effort and intention, they can be making money in their speaking opportunities within 6 months to a year – and growing their audience in opportunity #1. It takes years to build into 5-figure speaking revenue, but each moment out front is a chance to serve your audience, build trust, create connection – and invite them into a deeper relationship with you. Sometimes that means you get paid for that opportunity – and sometimes just as importantly – you get to reach your ideal audience and they recognize you as an expert and guide. ←– Speaking is powerful that way!

Sally happily working in a coffee shop


Movers-U is here for you as you need it. You can spend lots of time in Movers-U, or simply come to get resources around a question or challenge you’re facing. I do recommend that you join for as many of the live events in the community each month that you can (which is about three hours of time, total), as those who show up get the most out of it!

do you have to be a "speaker" to be in movers-u?

If you’re asking if you have to be a professional speaker (aka, someone who likely easily identifies as a “speaker”) – then the answer is no. In fact, I welcome people who don’t consider themselves speakers (yet)! You are the people I want to most empower to use your voice and step out front with more confidence. My hope is that soon you’ll own your #speaker identity and know that you, too, belong out front!

Sally on TEDx stage

Is everything available immediately?

There’s already in place a vibrant (and growing) library of resources in Movers-U, and 7+ mini-courses for you to binge! The live aspects will be scheduled in advance, and masterclasses will be published 1x/month (and then added to the library). All content will be available via replay if you aren’t able to join us live. 

Man speaking to audience

Is the community on Facebook?

No, Movers-U is the learning platform of BeMoved, and includes all of the online courses, coaching and community! It was important to me to incorporate community right alongside the coursework and content because I truly believe that we learn best with each other. I do have a free Facebook group called Move Your Audience (come join us over there if you want!) but the deeper and more personalized work happens within the paid community in Movers-U. ←- awesome!

Man speaking to audience

What if it's not what I expect? Is there a guarantee?

If you join as an Annual Member and decide within 14 days that Movers-U is not for you (and that I’m not the coach you need) – no worries. Just reach out and we’ll get you a full refund. (Monthly members can cancel month-to-month if they wish.) Please note: Once you have canceled, you cannot join again at the same Founding Member price. 

"Apart from the confidence to now step out front, I've been given a tool for my business to generate leads, turn those leads into raving fans, and those fans into buying customers for my service-based business. I am building INFLUENCE with my audience and there's nothing holding you back from doing the same!"

movers-u community member

let's wrap it all up

The Movers-U Membership

Monthly Masterclass   (value $99)

Monthly Q&A (value $99)

Monthly Live Coaching “Hot Seat” (value $299)

Library of Resources   (value $499)

Optional Accountability Groups (value $99)

Invitation to Apply to speak at Movers LIVE Events (coming in 2021)

BONUS: Access to all Movers-U Mini Courses (value $499)

BONUS: This Moved Me Episode Vault (value $49)

BONUS: Discounted 1:1 Coaching with Sally (value $499)


2021 Price:

or $390 for the year (two months free!)

Take the leap for a more impactful 2021.

Listen, I know life is full – and speaking is one of many things ‘on the list.’ 

But a process that moves you, moves your audience. And what that means is that if you have the courage to say YES – 

To LEAP – and try – and believe in something bigger for yourself and your audience.

I’ll help you get there.

The world needs your voice. Your message matters. 

Now let’s go create a message that moves your audience. 

xoxo, Sally Z

let's wrap it all up

The Movers-U Membership

Monthly Masterclass   (value $99)

Monthly Q&A (value $99)

Monthly Live Coaching “Hot Seat” (value $299)

Library of Resources   (value $499)

Optional Accountability Groups (value $99)

Invitation to Apply to speak at Movers LIVE Events (coming in 2021)

BONUS: Access to all Movers-U Mini Courses (value $499)

BONUS: This Moved Me Episode Vault (value $49)

BONUS: Discounted 1:1 Coaching with Sally (value $499)

TOTA VALUE: $2,142

2021 Price:

or $390 for the year (two months free!)