Speaking in a Virtual World

FREE Virtual Presenting Webinar: How to embrace video as way to connect with our audience

Hey, Movers!

As conferences/classes/events get canceled – and we depend more and more on video to connect, share our ideas, and continue our important work – Virtual Presenting is a MUST-have skill. 

Check out this FREE webinar all about presenting virtually.

Video can be powerful, effective – and is, now more than ever, NEEDED. When we can’t be face-to-face  – whether you’re teaching virtually, creating video content, or even facilitating meetings online – we need to connect and share ideas virtually. 

But how do we do it well? Especially if we don’t feel comfortable or confident via video? 

There are simple ways to make our video content more engaging, powerful and effective.  So – let’s dive into a 1-hour webinar training that will help us up-level our virtual game. 

Led by veteran speaking coach Sally Z from BeMoved – Sally will illuminate some essential tips to embracing video as a powerful tool in leading from up front… even if that “front” is behind the camera!

In this session, we’ll: 

  •  Set the foundations and mindset needed to step into video more comfortably. 
  • Tackle the obvious (and yet difficult) strategy for doing video well. 
  • Learn the trick to audience connection, even when you’re not in the same room. 
  • Discover a content hack that will help your idea stick!
  • Identify THE most important idea to embrace – that will be both a relief and a challenge. 
  • And implement the #1 thing most people avoid that makes all the difference…

At the end of the session, Sally will take your questions and help you step into confidence in this virtual realm. 

See you there! 


Sally Z