Woman speaking to audience

Delivering Your Talk Playlist

Speaking has often been described – especially in those high-stakes moments – as an ‘out of body’ experience. But – speaking is decidedly an IN-THE-BODY experience, and how we use our bodies, move through the space, and integrate our content determines how impactful our crafted content will be.

Here are some show highlights about Delivering Your Talks better: 

1. 82: On the Stumble-Through

Discover how one team of speakers made their rehearsals – and therefore their delivery – more effective by changing what we called them…

2. 152: Harris III – On Creating a Magical Experience for your Audience

Harris III is the producer of the Story Gathering [https://storygatherings.com/], and is also a successful magician…  Listen to how Harris uses all of the senses of delivering powerful content to create an emotive and transformational journey for the audience.

3. 163: Gillian Ferrabee – On Speaking With our Bodies

Gillian Ferrabee, Circque du Soleil Alum and talent scout  – knows the power of using our bodies as a powerful communication tool. She shares some really incredible tips and tricks to stay grounded, present and connected to our words in our bodies.

4. 091: Scott Savage – On Becoming Better

Scott Savage is a pastor – and the demand to create content AND deliver it well, week after week, is incredibly high. So Scott and I talked about how he’s gotten better at the craft of delivering powerful talks through hard work and an openness to feedback.

5. 164: You Are Not a Writer

Just a friendly reminder that you are not a writer – you’re a speaker! Which means the perfection of what you write or create doesn’t really matter. What matters is how it lives in your body. Take a listen: