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BONUS: Saving Time with your Speaking

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The time-suck and frustration of under-recognition is not for us any longer. We are going to speak with confidence, authenticity, and clarity. Today, I am bringing to you a special bonus episode all about how we can really save time in our speaking. 

If you want to get out of the frantic crazy and panic that often comes along with speaking, we’ve got to actually shift our model. 

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The rat race is real. I feel the rat race. I’m sure you’ve lived in the rat race for yourself. Then we throw speaking into our business and we hope that it will save us time.

Because we want to step into a one to many model, but it doesn’t save time unless we do this.

Hey movers, Sally, easy with be moved. Let’s go create some talks that will move this world. We’re going to talk with amazing speakers, shoot tips, tricks, resources. We are going to be new.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to this. Moved me. My name is Sally Z. I am your speaker coach, and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs like you to leverage the power of speaking so that you can step into the spotlight and grow your impact, your authority and your revenue to get out of the burnout of one-on-one and into the spotlight of the one to many.

The time-suck and frustration of under recognition is not for us any longer. We are going to speak with confidence, authenticity, and clarity. Today I am bringing to you a special bonus episode, all about how we can really save time in our speaking, because that’s part of what we want to do, right. When we’re shifting out of the one-on-one.

And into the one to many, that’s one of our hopes because we get into entrepreneurship for the freedom of time, for the freedom of financial potential. these are the dreams that drive us into entrepreneurship. And then we get into the reality of entrepreneurship and we’re like, oh my gosh, I’m doing all the things.

I feel like a chicken with my head cut off and it can feel really crazy making. No. Thanks. Right. We’re done with the crazy making. And so it’s one of the reasons why a lot of people are like, what if I did more speaking? I kind of like it. I know it’s powerful. I’m going to lean more into speaking and I’m going to start moving it up my to-do list, which is an awesome idea in exactly.

Right. But it matters a lot about how you do it, because just adding, speaking onto your already full pile is not going to get you more time, freedom and more. It might bring you a little more revenue, but you’re making it a lot harder unless you go about it the way I’m going to suggest to you right now.

If you want to get out of the frantic crazy. Panic that often comes along with speaking. We’ve got to actually shift our model. We’re going to talk about that on the episode today. Now, before we dive in here, here’s the deal. We’ve got a few days left of our video series. In fact, I think actually if you’re watching this on our.

Fourth Monday, October 4th, but videos went live today. There are three videos in this video series and they are waiting for you. The name of the video series is how to double your business without doubling your workload. So we’re talking about all of the things we’re talking about in the show today. We want more time.

Freedom. We want more financial freedom. That’s why we get into entrepreneur. And then we get strapped and feel like crazy people because entrepreneurship is hard and it requires us to like do a million things. Speaking is one of the ways out if we go about it. Right. And I’m going to give you some more details.

You’re going to hear a little bit about what is in the video here on the show today, but there’s a lot more details here. So head to be forward slash video. So that you can access the whole series. And then on Thursday, this coming Thursday at noon central time, I am going live for that final video.

It will be inside the emerging speakers society group. And you can get all that info when you go and sign up. Right. So go grab those now while they’re there, they’re only out for a limited amount of time because then we’re shifting gears. So now’s the time come grab it so that you can double your business with speaking instead of doubling your workload.


How can we save some time in our speaking. Just adding, speaking into your already chaotic world is not going to get you where you really want to go. Instead, what we need to do is shift our mode from a create for model to a create from model.

Most of us, especially when we first start, we are doing a create for model. Somebody says, I think, you know, I like generally what you’re all about? Would you come and talk to my group about. Fill in the blank. And we’re like, yes, I would love to do that because I want to do more speaking. And I want to be seen as an authority and I want to step out front and I want to grow my audience and all the reasons why we do the speaking, you know, connect with people, make some money.

There’s lots of reasons why we do that. A worthwhile thing to do, because part of what we learn when we are in the create four mode is we really learn what is the content that really resonates? What do people want to hear from me? And what stories do I have? How do I show up in this way? What do I enjoy talking about?

So there’s this experimentation phase in our speaking development, which is all create for and that’s great. For a while but when we are in the throws of our businesses, when we are overwhelmed with time, when we find ourselves again and again, panicked at the last minute. Or we find ourselves speaking about things that are not driving your business forward, that are not an intentional part of a funnel.

That’s going to help bring people to you, your ideal client, and they’re going to then want to work with you and they’re going to pay you money, or you’re not making money with your speaking yet. That is when you know it is time to switch modes out of a create for and into what I call a create from model. And essentially the create from model is built and based around a signature talk.

Now you guys hear me talk about signature talks all the time. I think people are like, yeah, yeah. I know what a signature talk is, but I’m not sure that we talk enough about. The time saving power of a signature talk. It’s real potential. When we have one key message and a signature talk intentionally built in order to serve us in all kinds of capacity.

In that big keynote moment and in that moment were asked to show up on somebody as podcasts and guest somewhere, or do a live video. It can be the fuel from which you create. So instead of creating for something, you now have this expansive developed intentionally created piece of content. That you can create from now the creating from it’s not nothing.

And it is not saying the exact same thing every time. We are not gonna just be robots. Once we have a signature talk, we’re going to leverage it. We’re going to be really flexible with it. We’re going to use it as a jumping off point because that content has been vetted. You know that it’s going to help serve your audience because you’ve thought really intentionally about the message and you know, what happens after your message because the signature talk is placed in your business.

Now that is a powerful thing to create from, but you first have to have the talk. The talk is a really essential tool for all of us in our. And there’s all kinds of good reasons to create from rather than to create for now. We don’t want our audience to feel like, oh, this is their cookie cutter.

Oh, they do this talk all the time. It’s really important that the create from also includes some customization, some personalization, you’re keeping the context and the audience very close to you when you are preparing and yes, you still have to prepare, but, a create for model. You start at zero and you’ve got to get to a hundred percent in never enough time.

But the create from model, you get to start at 85% done. And you only have 15% to go before. You can show up with confidence in what you’ve created, clarity around your message and a proficiency and mastery and excellence. That only comes when we are working from something that we are already very familiar with and that we trust.

Together, here’s what we’re doing. We’re starting with this video. Going to be forward slash videos. You’re going to watch the series is going to help lay the groundwork for this approach. And then on the seventh, you’re going to join me live to talk about how to create a signature talk that can do just that, that can set you up for a create from model. Time.

All the sudden you have time, now don’t go filling it with a bunch of things again. We’re not going to just like throw more stuff on the fire. We’re going to create from an experience, what we dreamed of when we stepped into entrepreneurship. Time freedom. Financial freedom because the create from model is what all the pros use and that’s how they are making good money.

All right. My friends, thanks so much for joining me on the show 📍 again today. I’m just jazzed right now. There’s a million things happening. It’s all good stuff. I am so thrilled about the excitement that you are showing about this stuff, because you know, it is game changing. It is life changing potential that we are talking about here when we can master this approach.

So come join us over at the video series and then I will see you on the seventh bye for now.


Sally Z

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