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Authenticity Playlist

Embrace your Authentic Voice

We know how important authenticity is… and yet, it’s often hard to truly show up and be our imperfect selves in the moment out front. It’s a vulnerable position – but our connection to the audience depends on our ability to embrace our imperfections.

Here are some greatest hits on the power of our authentic voice:

1. 194: Discover Your Speaking Superpower

What’s the thing that makes you, you? It’s our job to know that. Once we do, we can make the most of the moments we have out front, and ensure they’re authentic and impactful.  

2. 141: Kid President’s Brad Montague – On Creativity with a Purpose

Brad Montague is one of my favorite speakers because he’s so utterly and wonderfully himself: humble, funny, and whimsical. He’s not trying to be gussied up or impressive; he just cares a lot about his purpose in the moment. And that makes all the difference!

3. 196: Three Things You Need to Believe to Tell Your Story with Authenticity

Sharing our own stories can feel daunting, pushing us outside our comfort zone. So – in order to step out front and share our story with authenticity – we’ve got to believe these three key ideas: 

4. 40: Nick Morgan – On Authenticity in a Conventional World

Nick Morgan – a fellow speaker coach – had worked in the world of politics and business, two arenas that sometimes don’t tolerate much ‘authenticity.’ And yet – it’s what we strive for. Take a listen to find out more:

5. 154: Brett Trapp (BT Harmon) – On Excruciating Vulnerability (and sharing anyway)

BT Harmon (formerly Brett Trapp) has one of the most engaging stories I’ve ever heard. (His story was called the “netflix of blogs” for a reason!) It was brutal; and yet, he persisted. There are some essential lessons in here for us, Movers!