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306: MILLION $$ MISSION update – Thinking Bigger for 2022

Hey, Movers!

Are you ready to think bigger about your speaking in 2022? Me too.

Wherever you are at right now with your speaking, I want you to think bigger in 2022. I want you to move from expert to thought leader. I want you to move from making no money with speaking, to making $1,000 or $1,500 or $10,000 in one gig.

Because once you get there, there is no limit.

Let’s talk about goals for the new year and get an update on our mission!

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Are you ready to think bigger about your speaking in 2022? Me too..


Hey movers, Sally, easy with be moved. Let’s go create some talks that will move this world. We’re going to talk with amazing speakers, shoot tips, tricks, resources. We are going to be new. Hey everybody. Welcome back to this move to me. My name is Sally Z, your speaker, coach, and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs and change-makers like you to leverage the power of speaking so that you can step out front with more confidence and grow your impact, your authority and your revenue without sacrificing your authentic voice.

Because that is the key. That’s the magic sauce I want to hold that really, really close. All right. Well, here’s the deal. Sometimes when we work with big hearted entrepreneurs, I have to spend a lot of time convincing you that you belong out front. That you’re a big.

That you can make money with speaking and that it’s okay to make money with speaking part of the reason I started this million dollar mission, right? So way back this past summer, you guys remember if you go back and you listen to some older episodes, there’s a whole slew of episodes about the million dollar mission.

It was really fun to do because this is my own journey as well. So I myself started out in the nonprofit sector. That’s where I was speaking. And I wasn’t speaking for the money. I was speaking for the joy of speaking and because I felt really passionate about what I was speaking about and that’s how a lot of us get into this.

We are driven out front by a message and I am totally on board with that a hundred percent. I am not actually all about the. But I wanted to bring this really out front for us as a community, because I know too many speakers who are kind of playing small in their speaking. They’re sort of, convinced that they’ll never be that level of speaker, versus the people who are like, well, yeah, I’m a big deal and I’m going to make as much money as I can with my speaking. And they come in and they drop into those high level opportunities and they get paid. Because they’re like, yup. I belong out front. I would love for more of us, big hearted entrepreneurs who are really driven by our message to take our place out front and to get paid well for it.

So if right now, if that, even just saying that out loud makes you uncomfortable and believe me, there’s like a little part of my tummy. That’s like Sally, I’m talking about money. People are going to think that you’re a heartless, terrible person. And at one point in my life, I would have thought that, and I know people in my life right now who probably think that, that I’ve kind of lost my way because I’m talking so much about money, but I have come to the belief that I can have a bigger impact when I make more money.

I can live a dream life. Like it’s okay for us to do that. And it is okay for you as well. So I start this conversation from a place of, I know that you care very much about what it is that you are speaking about. You are not a speaker. That’s like, I’ll speak about whatever, just pay me well for it.

Okay. Those people probably are not really into me. And that’s totally. Fine. You are here because you feel driven out front by a message and yeah. I mean, wouldn’t it be great to also get paid well for this thing that you enjoy doing? I hope that you’re starting to enjoy it, right? My hope is that you enjoy it because it can be so.


So here we are big hearted entrepreneurs and we are trying to step a little deeper into the spectrum of speaking, where we are making more money or we’re comfortable asking for more. And we are we are acknowledging and stepping into becoming the speaker that gets paid well and gets put on the big stages.

It’s a process of evolution that is happening. If you’re hearing, you’re listening to this, you might have that like little dream vision out front of you on stage. We have to really step into what it means to become that person. So what we’ve talked about in the past in the million dollar mission is like money mindset.

And let’s just even get comfortable with the idea of making $10,000 for a speaker. Okay. Cause it’s funny. When I first started putting this out into the world, I was like, yep. I want you to put that on your list. Like I’m going to make $10,000 per speaking gig. I can’t tell you. I got a handful of responses from people who are like do people really make that much money and their speaking.

And is that for real? You’re making that up. I’m like, not only is it real, There’s no logical connection with the people who make a lot of money with speaking of being the best speakers. So there’s this whole, like, little wacky wonky. Okay. And w I’ve spent years so focused on making sure that you are excellent at what you do because that’s, my expertise is content and delivery.

Right. So I’m like, oh, I want you to make the most of every moment out front. And then I’ve got all these speakers who are under impacting because you’re like, I don’t know if I belong out there. I’m not that kind of speaker. I’m not at that level. And I’m like, I got to go bigger with this. I’m going to go bigger with our million-dollar mission in 2020.

So just a reminder, our million dollar mission is to have 100 speakers in this community making $10,000 or more in their speaking. There’s some caveats around this, right? You’re somebody right now who you’re determined and you’re on the pathway to making $10,000 per speaking gig.

Awesome. That is your goal is you’re going to. Okay together. We’re going to, we’re gonna work through this and together. You’re going to be like, yep, I’m doing it. I just got paid 10 grand for me to do this thing that’s your goal. If right now you’re like, I would just like to get paid for my speaking, please, Sally.

Cause right now I’m just doing it for free. And I’m talking about whatever. Like we’ve got to get some things in place for you to start doing that. The first thing is you need a signature talk, but. Once you have that, then it’s really about making sure that you are getting paid for those opportunities.

And you’re going to just start asking for more money, right. Once you get paid and then it’s like, okay, next time you’re going to ask for more money. Next time you’re asked for more money. And your goal is to look back in six months or a year and say I’ve made $10,000 with my speaking. That’s great too.

Either one of those milestones count for me in terms of our million dollar. If you are someone who does almost exclusively lead gen speaking. So I’m talking to a lot of entrepreneurs here who are out, speaking on podcasts and they’re out you know, doing summit. Hey, that speaking counts as well. I want you to start thinking about yourself as a thought leader, rather than just an expert.

I want you to start going. How can I be seen as a disruptor in my industry? How am I disrupting? What is my voice? What do I want to be known for? What am I here to say? And when you figure that out, you’re going to start shifting out front out under those bigger stages where you can get paid well for those opportunities.

They’ll pay you for your expertise, but they’re going to pay you more for your perspective, because then your goal, isn’t just, here’s some information, but it’s, here’s how I want you to see things differently. Here’s how I want to shape the way you live and move and do life and business. It’s why we are doing what we are doing.

We are not just information givers. We are change makers. wherever you are at right now, when you’re speaking, I want you to think bigger in 2022. I want you to, with some determination, say, okay, I want to move from expert to thought. Or maybe you’re going to say, I want to move from making no money with my speaking, to making a thousand dollars when I speak or $1,500 or 3,500.

I want you to think of what’s that next leapfrog that you’re going to make with your speaking. And this is all contextual, right? Like some audiences, they’re just not going to pay that much. And that’s fine. But then what needs to shift for you to step into that space? if right now you are already making in the thousands, in your speaking, your goal is that $10,000 in one gig.

Because once you get there, there is no limit. There is no limit. It’s shocking. Sometimes what people make as speakers. I’m all about it. I think it’s great, but I want my big hearted speakers out from. I want you all showing up with your hearts with that full authenticity where you are like, here is what I believe here is my story.

And here’s what I want for you. That intention. That’s what I want more of out front. My friends. I feel a little when I look at the speaking industry as a whole, and I’m like the, Overly polished, kind of like slimy is the wrong word. And I don’t mean it to be mean. I really don’t. I really don’t want it to be judgey.

And I don’t mean this judgy. It’s just, there’s a different, intention. When we go out wanting to move our audience versus. When other speakers go out and they are just in one opportunity and onto the next,

you and your message is needed. Your voice is needed. This is about making more money with your speaking, but it’s really about. And I am going to push you. Are you ready? Are you ready for 20, 22 to be the place and the time where you become that next level speaker? Because I am here, I am here with you all the way, and I will say.

If you haven’t joined the emerging speaker society yet, I hope that you will. I hope that you will, because in here we’ve got some special million-dollar mission content in there. You can get access to the dashboard where you can sign up. If you are in the group and you hit $10,000, I want to hear about it.

I will send you something special. All the fun stuff happens here in the group. And 📍 so that’s what, that’s where I want to see ya. That’s where we can hang out a little bit more. Not just these like little things here on the show, but we will dig deep together over in the ESS. All right. My friends, this moved me.

What is moving you this week? I would love to know a few more episodes left here in 2021. Get ready. We’re going to do some big stuff together in 2022. Let’s go.


Sally Z

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