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305: Speaker Self-Care (Holiday Gift Guide!)

Hey, Movers!

Part of the holiday season is giving to other people. Let me just remind you that this is an opportunity to give yourself some self-care and love too! On the show this week, we’re talking about some really wonderful things that you can do for yourself and get for yourself for the holidays because you deserve it.

Let’s do some self-care, speakers!

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Inspiration I want you to think about how you can really reenergize and just soak in your spirit and feel connected again to your purpose, mind, body, spirit.




Well, you are focused on giving back to everybody else at this time of year, right?

This is what we do, right? It’s part of the holiday season. It’s giving to other people. Let me just remind you that this is an opportunity to give yourself. Some self care and love. So on the show this week, we’re talking about some really wonderful things that you can do for yourself and get for yourself.

Oh, for the holidays you deserve it. Let’s do some self care speakers. .


Hey movers, Sally, easy with be moved. Let’s go create some talks that will move this world. We’re going to talk with amazing speakers, shoot tips, tricks, resources. We are going to be new. Hey everybody.

Welcome back to this move to me. My name is Sally Z, your speaker, coach, and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs and change makers like you to leverage the power of speaking so that you can show up, love up your audience, grow your impact, your authority, and your revenue, and do that without sacrificing your authenticity, your authentic voice.

What makes you, you. That is the secret sauce. So today on the show, we are taking the opportunity to think about some things that will just make you feel awesome. We were talking today about what we can do to really take care of ourselves. Now, the fall for most speakers, entrepreneurs and speakers. It’s crazy, right? It’s like summit after summit after summit. And even if you are not out there doing a ton of speaking, right, we are. The fall is often the times when we are really pushing hard, we’re launching programs, we’re going live a ton.

We are attending conferences. We’re speaking at conferences like it’s an intense time and December tends to be a little slow. They got all right. Like we need a little bit of a break. So I was thinking about just things that would love you up a little bit. That’s what I’m all about. I’m on everybody show up and love up their audience.

And that means you. I want to love you up a little bit. And I was thinking about things that just feel like self-care to me as this. So I’m going to share with you a handful of those things today. And I put them in the categories of mind, body spirit, because, and for those of you who have hung out with me for a while, if you’ve done STS with me the movers lab, we think about our pre-talk ritual or what I call a PTR.

I want everybody to have a PTR, right. And the PTR is basically speaker self care. Right. It’s preparing our mind, our body and our spirit because we want to show up fully mind, body spirit in the moment. I want you to think of December as like an extended PTR, an extended pre-talk ritual to just soak in and really like take care of your body. I want you to think about how you can really reenergize And just soak in your spirit and feel connected again to your purpose, mind, body, spirit.


So check out, I’ll be, I’m like, I’m going to show you my desk. It’s really messy. It’s messier than normal because I gathered all these fun things to share with you. And it’s, it’s a little much right now, but I’m not going to, okay. We’ve got a lot, I’ve got a lot on the desk, but I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to share with you some of this good stuff, because it helps me feel just really cozy and connected and taken care of, and that. You know, we’re a big deal and you got to the body is the vessel when we are speakers truly. And so we have to take care of it. So let’s dive in with the body stuff first.

Okay. Now you guys know PS, none of this is sponsored as might be surprised to hear that none of this is sponsored. . So. You’ve probably, if you’ve done a lot of speaking, you probably use throat coat, right? It’s a T it’s a type of tea. That’s just really soothing on a throat. If you do singing, then you’ve done some throat coat and it’s great.

I have used it for sure in the past, but I recently discovered it’s competitive. Throat comfort. I really like this. There’s something that I like better about this than throat coat. Throat coat can sometimes feel like a little thick Ms. Throat coat, right as it’s great. I’ll use it. No problem. But if you haven’t checked out this Yogi brand throat coat, I think it’s awesome.

It’s caffeine free. Of course. Caffeine is not good for your voice. It sues the throat is non-GMO it’s organic. Let’s see what’s in it. All kinds of good stuff. Licorice root cinnamon, orange peel, Elm bark, cardamom, ginger root clove, black pepper, and a few other things. It’s good stuff. That’s number one, get your tea game going.

Get some throat comfort. I mean use whatever tea you want, but this stuff is, is great. So after I’ve been doing a lot of talking, I will do this or before I’m going to do a lot of talking throat comfort your December. That’s number one. What do we have next?

So more on hydration because that’s probably priority. Number one in the body as speakers is staying hydrated. So this is my favorite water bottle at the moment. It’s not fancy. It’s not even that expensive. I can put the link in it if you want.

It’s a hydro cell is pretty basic, but here’s, here’s what I like about it. And you can find your own version of this all the time. I like that it is a straw situation versus I use this one a lot. I probably have seven water bottles constantly around me. When you are speaking, you don’t want to have to do this. You just want to have it be really subtle and be able to pick it up. Good for a drink and then be done with it. Yes. That makes sense. Pretty simple, but maybe it’s time to invest in a great water bottle. This last one I don’t have near me.

Weighted blanket. I want one of these, my friend, Tiffany.

You guys have heard about TIFF she’s all over the show. Sometimes she’s my biz, bestie BFF, and she lives down the block. She’s also an entrepreneur. I’m sure you’ve seen, you’ve seen the photos. So you’re on Instagram with me. Yes. Then, you know, TIF, TIF has the most amazing weighted blanket. It is fluffy and soft and heavy.

And I sat at her cabin and put that weighted blanket on me., it brought me to a different place and, maybe that’s what you need this December. It’s what I need. This December is a weighted blanket to just sort of feel the weight of your body and like to be brought back down to earth rather than this like crazy.

Cause I mean, This is the fall. This is going to be us in December. We’re going to come back down into our bodies and just feel that yes. All right. Those are my three, the best things I’ve thought of for you for, for body stuff. I mean, I hope that you’re moving your body a lot. I hope that you will just be outside and breathe fresh air as much as you can, even though it’s cold.

Listen, I live in Minnesota. No excuses. Get outside every day, breathe, fresh air, move your body. I’m all about it. But tea, water weighted. Oh, body stuff. Next we are on to mind. This is another thing that’s just on my list. Do you have people in your life who pull cards with you? Do you know what I mean by that?

Where you get together and you’re just like, let’s figure out intention. Let’s figure out what, like, you know, the ancestors are telling us and like your spirit guides and all of the woo things, and I’m just always all about it. I’m not one of those people who like, I have a really defined point of view on this stuff.

I’m usually just like, okay. Yeah, I will take the guides in whatever form they come in. And there are some beautiful, beautiful cards out there that my friends, Corey and TIFF and Maria, and a handful of other people. Are pulling for me. And when we get together, we pull a card and we say what do we need to learn in this moment?

Now this could have been in the spirits section and maybe belongs a little bit better in the spirit section. But I think of it as a mind section, probably because I overthink things. Hmm. Interesting, interesting, Sally, but I think it belongs in the mind section because it does help me like focus my thinking and focus my energy around what is all happening in my head.

So I’m going to link a few of the best packs that I’ve seen that I have used with my friends and entrepreneur groups. They’re awesome. And beautiful. Anyway, also in this mind section, I’ve less than I’m showing you in this mind section, but. I have fallen in love with a handful of podcasts lately. Oh my gosh. And some of them are a little bit of a surprise. I’m not going to lie. So please tell me that you had a chance to listen to. I mean, I’m hoping that you’re listening to Conan O’Brien needs a friend.

It’s not very a speaker related. Okay. This is not entrepreneurial rate. It’s not business related. It is just delighted. And comedy. And what I’ll tell you is more often than not, I’ll be listening to that show and I will think, oh my gosh, there’s some really important things in here about timing or delivery for speakers.

So it might not seem like it’s totally related, but it’s amazing. And let’s see. The one with he him and so Conan and, oh, there’s some new ones that came out will our net it’s the live with will Arnett. Have you seen that? That one right there? It’s so, so good. So delightful. So fun. I was walking down the street, walking my dog and listening to it.

And I just had the biggest grin on my face, because here’s how it relates. What’s fun about this is that this show. This episode, they are alive and in-person for the first time in a long time, be still my heart.

I went to a show this weekend more on this later, and it was, it was a SPE. Filler. Okay. And you can hear, and them the joy and delight and how like everything is dialed up another notch or three, because they are alive together. It’s just, it’s awesome. So I highly recommend that. The other thing for mind stuff, this is probably also a little bit spirit.

Let’s talk about Amy Porterfield and how brave she’s been recently. I think she has been so brave in what she is sharing and I’m really, really proud of her. I think it’s really good. So she was talking about some really powerful things. Just about what has been holding her back and, and feeling burnout. She’s got an amazing episode with Mel Robbins. I mean, we love Mel of course, but there is this great one with Susie Moore. I mean two superstars.

We’ve got Susie and Amy. Oh, Okay. There’s, there’s definitely secrets about being your own PR rep. And those are great if you’ve seen Suzy stuff, you know this and she’s awesome. She’s totally awesome. But there’s also something about really showing up authentically and kind of the freedom to, I don’t know, Suzy life coaches us in this in a really great way.

It’s so good. Do you know this show? Judy has. Yes. And there it is. I spoke at the same conference that, that she spoke at last year called a solo con. She’s amazing. She’s a delight. She’s a fantastic speaker and she’s an improviser and Judy definitely has a style about her leg. She is, she is dialed. I like it.

I’m all about it. When I watched her speak, I was like, I need more of that energy in my life quick. And that’s really saying something because most people are like, wow, you’re a lot. So I feel like I know Judy more than me. She’s more than me. She’s fantastic. Now she was an improviser in Chicago and now she’s kind of taking those ideas and sharing them, especially with women to help them live their fullest lives.

So she had this episode again, the, the vulnerability and the courage and sharing this, that she calls I’m reclaiming my feminine energy. There it is. It’s so good. And I think it’s applicable. It’s a spirit thing team, but it’s also a mind thing because what she’s telling me in this, what I took from it was I need to think a little bit less and just let things flow.

This was supposed to be my year of flow. In some ways I have super been flow in other ways, I’m just like forcing things and holding on tightened. You know, I want December to be feminine energy flow time. So there might be something really powerful for you in that as well. Okay. Some mind. Right. Keep your mind occupied in December.

That’s not like go after the to-do list, but maybe are a little bit more like, Hmm, let me see if I can approach things a little bit differently. Now our last mind thing that I think that you will enjoy is this, let me just show you a few of them that I have from over the years. Do you have your full focus planner again, not sponsored.

I have been using full focus. Planner is now two years, maybe. I’ve got a lot of them. And I get one every quarter. I finally changed over to, these ones the bindings different. I like it to be able to open like this versus the ones that didn’t have. But you’ll see, I go back to mine because I put everything in here.

My favorite part about this is what he calls the weekly preview. I’ve kind of renamed it to Sunday summit. Christine gain. She’s amazing. Write her down. She, she calls it your Sunday summit, essentially. It’s like you sit down on Sundays and you think about like, what’s happening in the week ahead.

And let me think about my goals and like what’s on the list and what do I need to prioritize? And it just helps you focus. It helps me be more planful rather than showing up and getting kind of sucked into whatever sort of in front of me for the day.

So I wanted to share with you a little bit on the inside of this look at how like classic this is, and then look at. Look at how I use them.

Just like, it’s a beautiful mind.


yeah. Yeah. So don’t feel, you know, reigned in by the little lines, I guess is what I’m saying,

we are onto the last section of this sort of delirious wandering through Sally’s brain that we’re going to call it episode 305.

I want to share with you what fills my spirit. I do intermittent fasting, so I drink tea. Until 11:00 AM every day. And then at 11, I am so excited for a cup of delicious coffee. I don’t drink my coffee black. I try because I could drink coffee earlier. If I drink it black. No, I like the smell of black coffee.

You don’t like the taste of black coffee. I want, I want a dairy free. Froth the milk in there and a little bit of sweetness. I’ve discovered over the last few years, I used to not drink coffee at all. And, and then I spent so much time at coffee shops that I was like, everybody looks to be really enjoying it.

And so I started to and experimented enough to find something that works. And now I really love drinking a yummy cup of sweet coffee in a cozy, cozy place in front of my fire. Maybe I’ll put, I’ll put a picture of it. It’s really made me happy. Talk about like filling up your spirits.

We don’t have our Christmas tree up. I cannot wait for a Christmas tree to be up and to sit in front of that fire with a warm cup of coffee and that weighted blanket, I’m listening to POS this is where it all, it’s all coming together. The mind, body spirits, all coming together and just, that’s going to be a spirit moment.

So I found a, oh my gosh, there’s this one? That’s like a Hmm. Cashew a cashew coffee from pinch of yum. I’m going to link a few of my, at a favorite at home coffee, frothy sweet, yummy recipes over on in the show notes so that you can enjoy them as well.

Let’s find ourselves something warm and delicious and a cozy spot to drink it in that is that December or what? And then all it needs to do is snow. And it’s just this. Perfect. I really am a Minnesota gal to tell you. Now the next spirit thing is so I am all about the camp, the candles, hmm. Okay. This is, this is just from target. You guys, oats and honey.

This QT, this is another target again mango coconut. Oh, I think this one, I might say for like February, when I’m really desperate for sunshine and more, that smells like spring break. So get your smelly candles on in December team. That’s going to feel like self-care. I love, love, love. Okay. My last. Some wonderful, happy music. I went and saw a show on Saturday night at the fine line, which is this great spot in Minneapolis.

Their music, the called the happy fits and it’s perfect. They, it is such happy, happy music. It was so fun. I want to point out that everybody’s. In the location was vaccinated you couldn’t get in unless you could show proof of vaccination. So it just felt safe and fun and free.

And oh, it filled up my spirit to be in person to be watching a live performance. I, I feel like I could maybe show you one more little thing here.

I want to be with you. I wouldn’t be. Oh, yeah. Look at those happy people. It was so it was so fun. So check out the happy fits. It was a happy moment. It was just great to be with friends and to be in a live performance to experience that together. Cause there’s nothing like that. We know that

before I tell you about Jake Wesley Rogers, maybe you’ve heard of him. He was on Bernay Brown’s pro podcast a few weeks ago, he is just light for the world and so talented. So love his music and then love him. He is absolutely living life. To the core of who he is. He is not adjusting himself for anybody else. And I don’t mean that in a way of like, screw everybody.

Like not, not like that at all, but, but his self acceptance is something that as a parent, I want for my kids and that I strive to as a human being and. He is leading the way he’s showing us what courage and self love looks like. If that’s not a spirit thing, I don’t know what isn’t, he’s just a beautiful soul and his music is believable.

I think that’s it. I will put all of this info over into the blog post. We’ve got the happy fits Jake Wesley Rogers. We’ve got smelly candles. We’ve got amazing coffee recipes. We’ve got the full focus planner. We’ve got. Favorite podcast. I forgot to include Bernie on that, but of course, I mean, it’s sort of like assumed of course, Bernie runs by guests are amazing.

We’ve got intention cards, pull those cards and like, what does the spirit, what are they saying to you? I don’t know, but would it be fun to find out we’ve got fluffy weighted blankets, we’ve got awesome water bottles and tea and all of the good stuff. And my wish for you. My movers is that you have a delicious.

Relaxed fall in the best way, time between crazy as you step into December, it is a chance for you to refuel, to rest. Oh my gosh. To rest, to soak in this incredible. World that we living in as hurting and as hard as it is sometimes it’s really incredible. And so I hope all of this just helps you live in the moment, not in your head, live in your body and really enjoy.

I can’t wait. We have a few more episodes left in 2021. I can’t wait to announce to you what the word of the year is for 2022. I’m kind of excited about it. I’m, I’m circling around some ideas. It’s going to be great over in the emerging speaker society. We’ve got some free trainings happening as we close out the year, we have a few more fun episodes coming your way.

One of them the one next week is about. Tools that I use in my speaking business, that if you’re not using, I would love for you to think about how you can integrate them into your business. I’ll just share what’s working for me. And maybe there’s something that’s working for you as well. So that’s next week.

And then our million dollar mission. I haven’t forgotten about it. We’ll be updating you with that. And maybe one or two more episodes 📍 from the archive before we close out the year. 2021. It’s been a ride. Hasn’t it. All right. I will see you over in the emerging speaker. Society. Come join us. It is a lovely, loving place to level up your speaking this moved me clearly. What is moving you? I’d love to know what helps you with your. Speaker self care. What helps you really focus on your mind, your body and your spirit? Let me know.


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