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304: This Moved Me Moment with Amena Brown

Hey, Movers!

Have you ever had one of those “wow” moments from an audience? Well, that happened to me with this next guest. I cannot wait for you to hear Amena Brown share what was a “wow” moment for her. 

She is a poet, an author, and a speaker. This woman is powerful and she is just soul driven. Amena’s content has teeth and you’re going to hear it in her This Moved Me moment.

I’m excited for you to check this out! 

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Inspiration When you can make people laugh and cry, that's really powerful.




Have you ever had one of those. Wow. Moments from an audience you’re sitting in the audience and you’re like, oh, wow. Well that happened to me with this next guest. And I cannot wait for you to hear her share what was a wow moment for her. Is it, this moved me moment. It moved me. So then I had her on my show and then she talked about what moved her.

It’s very meta. Let’s do this.

Hey movers, Sally, easy with be moved. Let’s go create some talks that will move this world. We’re going to talk with amazing speakers, shoot tips, tricks, resources. We are going to be new. Well, hello everybody. And welcome back to this. Moved me. My name is Sally Z and I’m so glad that you are here

on the podcast. You’re listening. You’re watching you’re here because you need something to fuel you. And that’s what I do. I empower big hearted entrepreneurs and change makers to leverage this incredible power of speaking so that you can grow your impact, your authority and your revenue without sacrificing.

What makes you, you, because honestly, that’s what it’s all about. And today on the show, we’re going back into the archive, into the library of this moved me. And we are sharing with you a moment that I think about from time to time now I’ve been doing this for years.

Literally a long time. We are over 300 episodes at this point. And so. I thought it would be fun to go back and share with you. One of my favorite, this moved me moments now, way back in the day, when I used to do these interview episodes. Now I still do not as often, but that’s literally all the show used to be with interviews.

And at the end of every interview, I would ask my guest to share a, this moved me moment now. My belief is that as speakers and leaders and change makers, our goal is to move our audience. Right. That’s what we’re all about here. That’s what I’m all about. That’s ultimately what we’re trying to do. And if we want to do that, then we ourselves need to be moved.

We have to be really tapped into. What moves us like what’s going on in the world? how can we tap into the magic sauce of heart opening, mind changing? Because when we speak, we are trying to persuade and influence. That’s what it’s all about. So if we’re going to move our audience, then we ourselves need to be moved.

So I love talking about this. Let me tell you a little bit about Amena before we dive in She is a poet, an author, a speaker, and I got to see her on stage at the story conference years ago at this point. And it was a moment. I was also speaking at that conference. So we had the opportunity to like go to a dinner together and connect a little bit. And I was like, this woman is powerful and she is just soul driven.

Talk about big hearted. I mean, it’s just like up there and open hearted and, and she’s got teeth What I mean is that I like my content to have some teeth, you know, what. Like it’s got to do something. It’s got to mean something. It’s got to have some edge to it.

Otherwise it just sort of like washes over us and Amenas content has teeth and you’re going to hear it in her. This moved me moment. I’m really excited for you to check this out. Now you’re not hearing the whole episode. If you want to hear the whole episode, you can absolutely go do that. I would love it.

Head over to the blog post and you’ll see the original Amena episode as. But, but for now, what I want you to do is to dive in to this beautiful. This moved me moment that moved me here. She is Amena brown.



For a, this moved me moment.

Something that has moved you recently that has, helped you stay connected to your creativity, your inspiration, whatever it might be. So I’m going to start since you just did a poem. my, this mini moment is this podcast called heavyweight. From Gimlet media, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or had a chance to listen to it.

It’s so funny. It’s really a funny show that gets at serious things. So essentially it’s about taking people back to a conflict that was never resolved. And this really funny, sort of awkward host goes with them and helps try to mediate the conversation. So it’s simultaneously delightful and also kind of heart-wrenching because I don’t like conflict, but.

it makes it bearable. And it’s so fascinating to watch these people, like 20 years later, try and figure things out. It’s, it’s kind of amazing. And he starts every show with. Like a really funny phone call to his best friend who is always annoyed with him. So it’s called heavyweight it’s on Gimlet media and they just started their second season.

And so I’m jazzed about it right now. That’s awesome. I love that. Yeah. I would have to say mine is the movie, the big sick. I am late in watching it. I actually wanted to see it when it was in theaters. And my husband and I had a day in, we just there’s food in here, in here.

And we say inside this house for, we used 24 hours and we decided to watch the big sick and oh my gosh, like. To your point, actually, I really echo your sentiments about the podcast you were talking about because the big. Is a comedy, but there’s some plot in there. That’s not funny at all, but they found this way to sort of embrace even the comedic and awkward moments involved in that.

But I’m a comedian named come out. It’s a semi-autobiographical or it could be completely autobiographical, but I know it’s autobiographical in some regard of his life and how he fell in love with his work. And he’s a Pakistani man, so it’s awesome to see an Asian man as a leading man in this film and I, he’s a Pakistani man with Muslim parents, very traditional parents who are ready to arrange a marriage.

And he is just not dealing really well with that and happens to fall in love. With a woman who is the total opposite of the women that his parents have been trying to hook him up with. And in the middle of his relationship with this woman, Emily, who’s a blonde white woman. So she’s utterly the opposite here of what his parents want.

She gets. You’re watching throughout the film how they’re navigating this, how their families are navigating that story. And it just, touched me on a craft level. How beautifully used comedy was in the film, even though there were these hard portions of the story, you know, that we’re not, you know, for a comedic value and just, just those themes there of, of love.

Yeah. Recovery and healing. And what happens when we end up living a life very different than maybe the tradition that we come from or what other people expected of us. So, yeah, I started out what I thought was going to be like a eat donuts day. And then my husband’s looking at me. I think this is having the intended result. So that was 📍 like snuggling and

right. Oh my God. Okay. I haven’t seen this yet, so you might’ve been late, but I’m really. So I will check it out. Yeah, you should watch it, but with a box of tissues, because it’s a comedy, but there’ll be like a little ugly crying. Probably. I love that. I feel like that’s, that’s the powerful combination.

When you can make people laugh and cry. That’s, that’s really powerful.

Oh my gosh. Whew. Oh, book, look up amino. Amazing. Amazing Amina. So great. And I hope you enjoyed that. There’s a whole library of these brilliant episodes. I mean, I’m not saying that like they were brilliant because of me. I was saying I got to speak with some incredible people and there are a lot of this moved me up.

A lot of this moved me moments that I’m excited to reshare with you. So from time to time, we’ll be going back into the library and sharing with you. Some gems that have happened over the years. Now, here is the deal. Before you move on to your next episode on your list. I hope that you will come join us inside the emerging speaker society.

It’s a private free Facebook group. That is all about getting you to the next stage of your speaking. So if right now you’re like, I’m, I’m just trying to, I’m like just trying to get the courage to get out. Awesome. You’re welcome there. I’m going to help nudge you out front if you’re out there and you’re clarifying your message.

That’s what we’re going to do. That’s the next stage. And you’re speaking, maybe you have your message and now you are ready to really make the most of it. Awesome. We will talk all about scaling in there almost every week. I go live on Thursdays with a free training. Sometimes I go deeper into the episode for the week.

Sometimes I just bring you some very special content just for those who are in the group. So I’d love to see over there. You can join right here, be forward slash E S S for emerging speaker society. This moved me, my friends. What is moving you I’ll see you next week.


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