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297: From Expert to Thought Leader – how not to info dump on your audience

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Experts give you information, which is great. Speakers give you perspective. If you truly want to step out front and take your place as the go-to in your industry then you need to watch this.

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Experts give you information, which is great. Speakers give you perspective. That is what we do as speakers. That is what we are all about. So if you truly want to step out front and take your place as the go-to in your industry then you need to watch this.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to this move to me. My name is Sally Z, your speaker, coach, and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs like you to leverage the power of speaking to help you grow your authority, your impact and your revenue. So you can leave the time suck and frustration of unrecognized, passion behind and own your place over.

In other words, I help you step into the spotlight with more authenticity, confidence, courage, and joy. Now today on the show, what is moving me? Is this powerful idea about what it really means to step out front as a thought.

Versus just being an expert. now I know some people have like, heebie-jeebies feelings about the word thought leader and I get it. It’s kind of like how we make fun of ourselves in the TEDx world. Cause it’s like, I know things take me seriously. That’s not what I’m talking about. what I think thought leadership is really about is actually.

Very different than what most people think about thought leadership. I think some people think thought leader is like expert and they’re sort of like all high and mighty and kind of elitist. And what I’m talking about is something that is more impactful and powerful.

In fact, how many TEDx talks have you watched that you’re like, okay, supposedly they’re a thought leader. You feel like nothing real is happening there that’s because they are just sharing what they know they are doing. What a lot of us do, because we think that if we do this, we have more credibility, but the truth is info dumping on your audience gets them confused and disconnected, and we are going for clarity and connecting. That’s what real thought leadership is. It’s perspective giving based in what we know.

Our audiences don’t care nearly as much about what we know as we think they do. They care way more about who we are, how we show up and how we can really help. Which we can’t do unless we really get them.

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Head to be forward slash videos. I will see you over there, but now let’s dig into this really important shift that we need to make. We’re done with info dumping. You’re stepping up front. It’s more vulnerable.

It’s more powerful. Enjoy it. Your moving message. Is this Venn diagram of trying to find that intersection between who you are, a message that only you can give that is so particular to you like what you’re doing here on this earth, like what you are all about in, in the way that you are all about it. So it’s really clarifying your differentiating factors, who you are, how you show up, right? This is all review, right? Because you’ve all listened to the show. So we’ve got that circle in the Venn diagram.

Then we have the circle where we think about your audience and what they need. And it’s not just what they need and then we provide what they need. But we’re, we’re trying to find that magical place where you are serving a need, you in particular, are serving a need that they in particular have and finding that magical place where only you can help them in this way for this particular problem.

That’s a pretty magical marketing moment. We’ve got those two circles coming together and then we’ve got this third circle, which we don’t often talk a lot about, but it’s really, really important. And it’s the thing that I want to dig deeper into today, here in the movers live.

And that is what I sometimes call your purpose bubble. And it’s really your business. Another way of thinking about this circle is what is the, the need of the world? What is the, what is that larger thing that you are showing up to provide? I think about that as the urgency of now in the world, our business needs to be speaking to that.

There is a magical place where all of those things meet in the middle and I call that your moving message. It is not easy to figure this out. It’s iterative. We take a stab at it and then we get a little bit closer and we get more clarification on who our audience really is. And then you know, the now changes a little bit and so it continues to adjust and we evolve as humans, we ourselves evolve and we think at some point we’re like, oh, you know, I need to do things a little bit differently.

Or I’m learning, I’m getting feedback from my audience about how I show up and what my differentiating magic is. We learn and we evolve and we keep adjusting it. But when we hit that little magical place in the middle, that’s when things can really take off for us. And we want to build our content from this place.

You want to build your signature talk from this place. If you want to go from a place where you are stepping out of the sidelines maybe done a lot of workshops or you are kind of in your comfort zone of what I know. I want to share with you how I do things. That is where a lot of us start, but that is not how you end up on headlining. That’s not how you end up on those big stage moments. That’s not how you become known in your industry because here’s the truth. There are other people sharing what, you know, there’s other people who are experts in the same thing that you’re experts.

But that magical message. That moving message. The reason why it’s different is because it’s not just about what you know, it’s about who you are. And it’s about the kinds of change that you are creating. It’s about thought leadership more than expertise. And if we want to step into thought leaders, And that’s what headliners do.

That’s what big stage speakers do. They are trying to change the way we think and how we show up. And so if you want to do that, I want to dig deep into that little, that final bubble, that circle that’s about purpose. And I want to talk about what it takes for us to shift from expert to thought leader.

And another way to think about this is how to not info dump in your content, how to not just overload people with everything that you know, and all the, how tos and never be taken seriously as a thought leader.

As we make this shift, we are going to shift three particular things. You need these three elements in your talk.

If you want to be taken seriously as a thought leader versus an expert. Experts don’t change culture experts don’t create and, and move people in new directions. Experts give you information. Experts don’t share their personal perspectives.

That’s what speakers do that we are called upon because if we were just giving information, if you were just an expert, you could share that in lots of different ways that have nothing to do with speaking. So if you really want to embrace the art form of speaking and be taken seriously and really leverage the power of speaking, you’ve got to leverage these three things in your talks. The first thing that it is is it is story driven it’s story-driven it’s story.

Driven. We all know stories are important and a lot of people are like, I should include a story because I’ve heard that that’s an important thing to do, but that’s very different than your talk, being story driven. Stories are the pathway to empathy, connection, resonance, people feel the point that you’re making before you have to convince them about it.

And that is really essential for persuasion And if you want to be a thought leader, you’ve got to think about persuasion rather than expertise. Expertise just offers information and says, take it or leave it. Thought leadership says, here’s what I know. And here’s why we need it. Need it to happen. Okay. X thought leadership wants to change things and persuade and move people.

So to do that, you’ve got to really leverage story. Okay. Story driven in your talk. Okay. So a lot more to say about stories. I think they’re so, so important. And I know maybe on the in the show notes, we can include some links to some other really powerful episodes and shows that I’ve done about stories and how important they are for you and your talks.

And that I’ve got, there’s a lot of strategy for how and when to use stories in your talks. And what kinds of stories. If you don’t have a story for every point that you’re making, you’re not leveraging story enough. The second thing that you need in order to shift from topic expert to thought leader in your talk is you need.

This magical word. Oh boy,

it’s a long one. Here it is ready. Vulnerability. I realized pretty quickly I couldn’t fit that all in one line vulnerability gotta be vulnerable. Speaking is personal. We know. That’s part of the reason why some people are like, eh, can’t do it. And even if they want to do it, they’re like, Ooh, this feels risky.

It feels vulnerable. It should be vulnerable. And we need to go in knowing that our vulnerability is part of thought leadership. It has to absolutely be a part of thought leaders. Otherwise, we risk disconnection with our audience. Your vulnerability, your imperfections, your challenges, your struggles, the moments when things haven’t gone well, how you can show up and people feel connected to you without vulnerability.

That’s really hard. We hope people just admire us for everything that we know. And we forget that we want them to be connected to who we are. Vulnerability stories can help that stories can set the stage for that, but it doesn’t guarantee it. You showing up as the leader, as a vulnerable leader, that is where real change can happen in real connection and real impact. So vulnerability, how vulnerable are you getting in the talk?

How are you going there? Now the third piece of our shift from. expert To thought leader, right? Your topic expert, you know, stuff, but you are ready for that big stage moment.

You’re ready to go out front. You’re ready to be taken seriously as a game changer in your industry. You want things to go differently. Otherwise you wouldn’t show up, right? You want to move people to a different place. That’s persuasion. Then you also need this.

You need. Risk. You need to be risks, ski, risky, courageous. Brave now it doesn’t mean you’ve got to be loud. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to share everything and not have any boundaries over what people know and see about you. And that’s important in the vulnerable area as well. But what I mean by this is you’ve got to say something with some teeth, say something that matters.

Say something that needs to be said. You can’t be afraid to push people. A lot of times, I see my speakers there. They want to sort of invite people in instead of push people. And there’s a balance. If you push people too much, they’re going to be resistant to you. But this is the beautiful thing with the combination of story driven, vulnerable and courageous and risky talk.

Is that combination invites people in and pushes people in a balanced way because stories invite people in stories are the most wonderful way to set up the challenge. Because if you tell the story, right, the story does a lot of that for you, but you cannot be afraid to show up and piss some people off.

Frankly. We’ve got to show up and stand for something. Otherwise I don’t, I don’t know what thoughts you’re using to lead? So your thoughts, what you think the edges around your thoughts are the things that you’ve got to be pushing yourself on as well. And, and let that lead you out front. It might drive some people away.

Some people might say, oh, Not for me, but isn’t that a relief then, you know, and it will absolutely make sure that you are drawing the right people in. Now. We also don’t want to just be speaking to the choir and that’s really important. Part of persuasion is to be able to find that magical place where people are willing to hear you out.

Otherwise we can’t change people’s minds. Yes. If we are only talking to the people who already believe in us, we’re missing that opportunity for persuasion and change. So I’m not saying, be flagrant and dismissive and divisive and degrading in the risky. That’s not at all what I’m saying.

I’m not saying screw everybody who disagrees with. That’s not helpful for the world and it’s not how we create change, but you still have to be ready and willing to speak your truth. That’s courageous, that’s risky. And we want to do it in a way where people come along with us and consider their own actions and make change.

Cause that’s how we create disruption and change. In the industry in our world and our communities. But there’s always going to be people who are just like that. You’re not for me. That’s fine. Not everybody’s for me. Not everybody’s for you.

If you are ready to shift from the sidelines to centerstage Into the spotlight to step into thought leadership, persuasion, industry changing that’s headliner that’s main stage. If you’re ready to do that, then you need to embrace story either. Your talk needs to be story driven. You need to step out front with vulnerability to let people see.

And not just the brilliant, easy stuff where you’ve succeeded because that’s can be so disheartening for an audience. They might admire you, but they won’t feel connected with you and they won’t follow you. And then we need to say something with our talks. We need to embrace risk and courage and let that be the pathway to creating new thinking and moving our audience.

Yes. Yes, this is all a part of leveraging a signature talk and the kinds of signature talks that can help you be on the main stage. And that’s really the point of a signature talk. It’s a beautiful, incredible asset signature talks. They are an asset to you in your business, and they can be pulled apart and used in all kinds of different scenarios.

And part of thought, leadership is showing up and as an authority and being present, and you want to be able to be known around an idea, then you need a signature talk because you pull it apart and you can use it every day. In all kinds of moments from that big stage headliner moment, all the way to the way that you show up on a podcast, to the way that you show up on your Facebook lives, to the way that you respond to questions, how you write a blog post even.

It’s an orienting piece of content in your business. And it is the pathway. The first step towards real thought leadership and being taken seriously as a go-to in your area. If you currently have a signature talk, I want you to do a check against what I just said here. Do you have enough story in your talk?

Do you have enough vulnerability? Do you have enough risk and courage and teeth in your talk to create change? And if you don’t yet have a talk, this is what I want to aiming for you need.

You need to do it. It’s a really essential asset for you in moving forward and growing your speaking. Which PS in about a month we are launching the next cohort of the signature talk studio. So be on the lookout, there’s going to be a lot more coming to you about that.

As always, always so thrilled to invite in new members, into STS, into my community, to support you in your speaking journey and to help you really leverage the power of speaking to grow your authority and your impact and your revenue, because that is what a signature talk can do. A profitable repeatable, scalable signature talk is worth a lot.

Thanks again for joining us here on this moved me. I hope that moved you. It moved me. And as we talked about at the beginning, it’s a huge few weeks here and I’m throwing all kinds of goodies at you. The most important one. I want to make sure that you did not miss out on this is this one right here.

Be forward slash videos. Join us for this free series. It launches on October 4th, but you can sign up right now. There’s some support that’s going to come alongside when you join us for that video series and then join us live on October 7th for the final installment. I will see you there.


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