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295: Three Essential Speaking Practices to go from MEH to Memorable

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What’s the mark of a true professional? They aren’t afraid to get feedback. They are constantly improving. They get on their feet. The greats can become greater. The point that I am making is that nobody is above needing a coach.

On the show this week, I’m sharing with you three secret delivery strategies that I teach in my Signature Talk Studio program, which is coming back in October. Enjoy this little sneak peek!


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Inspiration Get feedback! The people who do that improve the fastest - I promise. We need to invite feedback in to continue to tweak what we do and improve. It takes a spirit of improvement. It takes some humility to want to grow in that way. Growth is on the other side of that feedback, and it takes courage, but it’s really important.




You know, the mark of a true professional. They aren’t afraid to get feedback. They are constantly improving. And so I want to share with you today, three essential practices to help you go from meh to memorable.

📍 Hey movers, Sally, easy with be moved. Let’s go create some talks that will move this world. We’re going to talk with amazing speakers, share tips, tricks, resources. We are going to be.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to this. Move to me. My name is Sally Z, your speaker, coach, and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs like you to leverage the power of speaking, to grow your authority, your impact, and your revenue without the time suck and frustration of under-recognized.

In other words, I’m going to help you step out front with more authenticity and confidence and clarity and joy. Now, today on the show, what is moving me is the idea that even the greats can be greater.

It can be better. The goods can become great. The greats can become greater. The greaters can become wow. And the wows can become wow. Power. That’s not a word. The point that I am making is that nobody is above needing a coach. And sometimes I see people, I connect with people they’re in my group and they’re just like, I’m good. Like, I’m good. I don’t need any delivery help.

I’ve got it. I’m already at the top of my game. Now, my guess is that for some of those people, it’s a little bit of a defensive move, because guess what? Stepping into a coaching experiences it’s vulnerable, it’s really vulnerable. It is inviting in somebody to admit that. You can do things better, that you are not as awesome as maybe you hope other people see you as that is a really powerful, vulnerable, real, and needed dynamic.

It truly, truly is. So what I want to do on the show this week is to actually share with you a few. Secret delivery strategies that I share in my STS program. That’s coming out in October. It’s a little bit of a sneak peek, but it’s also really important for all of you out there who are like, I’m pretty good, Sally.

I already got this. Okay. I speak, I’m rocking it. I’m not sure I need a signature talk. If you are an entrepreneur, you need a signature talk. And if you are out there speaking consistently, then you need to leverage these strategies that we can really finesse when we have a signature talk. So assuming you have a signature talk, let’s take you to that next level with these strategies.

Also PS, while, you are here. Let’s make sure that you grab your getting started with speaking guidebook, because even if you have a signature talk and you’re out there and you’re rocking it, I want to make sure that you are leveraging it. Not enough of us out there are really being intentional with our approach.

And this guidebook is going to show you the way it’s the whole map from beginning to end. So check it out. You can do [email protected] forward slash G S S.


When I first started in my first professional gig as a coach, I was working with my boss and we were out talking to kids every day.

And my boss asked me, invited me in like my first few weeks of work to give him feedback on his talk. Now here’s the deal. He was an incredible speaker, like, you know, traveled the country speaking. He was. Andy is a phenomenal speaker. He’s funny. He’s dynamic is engaging. He’s deep, he’s powerful. He’s kind of like brings it home really well.

He’s awesome. So I was kind of like okay, should I really give the boss feedback, but that he invited me in to do that. And so I did now, what I took from that experience was that even the greats can become great. Truly, I had plenty to share with him and the truth is everyone I’ve ever worked with, even if they’re awesome, I’ve got some thoughts for them on how they can improve.

I’m always open to feedback because I know that I can always improve it. Doesn’t say anything about you not being awesome as it is. It’s just, there’s always room for us to grow. So everybody needs a coach, which brings me to the first thing that we do, that is an elevated practice that we implement in STS.

And that is to get feedback. The people who do that improve the fastest. I promise. Now this seems like a no brainer, but most of the time we are avoiding getting feedback. In STS, if you are in my cohort, if you’re in the salon experience, you get tons of powerful feedback from each other from me, but there are opportunities for all of us every day to get feedback.

How many Facebook groups are you in? Are you sharing in there? Are you asking for feedback and input in there? There are coaches that you have signed up. Courses that you’ve probably taken and you are not utilizing the opportunity every time you show up in front of your audience, you can say, let me know, what did you think of this?

We can invite in feedback to continue to tweak what we do and improve. It takes a spirit of improvement. It takes some humility to want to grow in that way. But growth is on the other side of our feedback takes courage, but it’s really, really important. So that is strategy. Number one. Number two is to get on your feet even before you’re ready. Now I’ve talked about this a lot in here, but it’s worth repeating it’s so, so important. One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make when they are developing their content and trying to show up and show up as a pro and really do something powerful is they plan their content sitting on their butts in front of a computer.

They say stuff out loud, but they’re sitting on their butt. And here’s the deal you’ve got to get off your butts and get on your feet. There are some things that you can only learn on your feet and until we get on our feet, you’re not going to learn them. So you can save that learning for the very end of the process when you’re in dress rehearsals or worse, when you just press go and your audience gets your dress rehearsal.

Let’s not learn in the moment let’s learn before, and then you can adjust your approach and your content, because the truth is we speak with our body. So you got to get in your body and get on your feet faster. Now the third strategy that I teach in STS, and that I think is so, so important is to go for integrated, not memorized.

And here’s what I mean by that. I don’t care if you get your script. Exactly. There are a lot of people focused on getting the script. Exactly. Right. And then they’re not meaning what they’re saying. They’re not believing it. They’re not living it. It’s not in their bodies because they’re focused on doing it perfectly.

No, thank you. We’re going to abandon that idea. Cause perfection kills connection. Connection is the point. My friends. So what people respond to is full commitment. They get the sense that you are living this authentically, that you believe it with your whole self. And when people hear that and see that that’s what they want to follow.

That’s what they’re all about, because if they believe you, they will follow you. So we’re going for belief and commitment, which is another way of thinking about integration rather than. Going for memorized. Now, every pro in any industry is going to tell you that they are working with coaches.

That’s what people do to get better, right? To take you from really pretty good to mastery level. It requires humility. And commitment and growth and challenge. They’re still learning. They’re still growing. You need to be pushed to the next level. And if you want to get to that next level of mastery, then we have to do the same thing as speakers.

Now, sometimes people come to me and say like, I already got this Sally. I’m already really comfortable in my delivery. And what I want to tell them is that you’re probably pretty good, but you can get better. And you can get better when you intentionally invite in other people to push you to step into that next level.

Now me always having something to offer somebody else. It really has nothing to do with me. No, I think I’m ready. A really good coach and that probably has something to do with it, but the reality is speaking is an ever evolving, ever personal ever changing process.

Every situation is different. Every context demands, something else from us. And so works in one moment. Doesn’t necessarily work in another moment. So we really have to be refining our 📍 skills again and again, as we grow and change so that we can really show up and wow in the moment. And we learned so much by learning, we really do.

If you have the dream of standing center stage on that beautiful conference that you really want to speak at, you’re going to headline it. You’re going to have your moment. You’re going to cement yourself as the go-to in your industry. If that’s the dream, then it’s time for you to get serious about your speaking and create a signature talk.

The STS opens October 7th. You’ve heard me talk a little bit about this and if you want to come join us, you know, right now, or you’re curious, you’re thinking about it. I really want you to come join us on the wait list. Be forward slash waitlist, because you will get early access to some VIP special access things.

And there’s a limited enrollment on that. If you’re thinking about it, that’d be great. And we’ll set up some time to chat as well. Thanks again for joining me here on this moved me. We’re approaching 300 episodes. My friends that’s a lot. And I’d love to hear from you. What was some of your favorite moments over the last four or five years?

Oh my gosh. It’s been a long time. Who are some of your favorite guests, if you think back and are like, oh, you know, it’s something that I have learned from this show. An aha moment. A favorite guest. I would love to hear from you. What is a moment that you have had that you’re taking with you as a speaker and an 📍 entrepreneur as somebody who is leveraging the power of speaking.

I’d love to hear from you head over to the podcast page. Be forward slash podcast and leave me a voicemail. And maybe I will have you in that special show for 300 episode.

This is what’s moving me. I’d love to hear what is moving. you Got another awesome episode next week. All about how to intentionally put speaking into your business so that you can grow. It’s going to be good.

All right, bye. For now.


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