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294: The Simple Content Formula that Builds Your Authority

Hey, Movers!

If you want to build your signature talk, there is a simple trick that you can use that will make your content easy, adaptable, and powerful.

Today on the show, what is moving me? This surprisingly simple, totally fabulous, secret content building strategy that will help you build your authority.

What’s so great about this strategy is that it helps orient your content around a few core pieces or topics that are easy to create, easy to share, and helps keep you focused around what you want to be known for.

Let’s dive in!

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Inspiration A speaker might offer some information, but that doesn't make them a thought leader. You have to share a point of view. A speaker puts a stake in the ground and helps define a different future, a different way forward.




If you want to build your signature talk, there is a simple trick that you can use that will make your content easy, adaptable, powerful. That’s the whole point. So let’s dive in.

📍 Hey movers, Sally, easy with be moved. Let’s go create some talks that will move this world. We’re going to talk with amazing speakers, share tips, tricks, resources. We are going to be.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to this move to me. My name is Sally Zee. I’m your speaker, coach, and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs like you to leverage the power of speaking so that you can grow your authority, your impact, and your revenue and escape, the time-suck and frustration of under recognition. That’s right. In other words, I help you step out front with more authenticity, more connection, more confidence, more courage, and more joy, all the things.

Now today on the show, what is moving me? Is this really awesome? Surprisingly simple, totally fabulous secret content building trick. It’s not really a trick it’s an approach, a strategy, that will help you build your authority.

If you are a winging it, Wendy, you definitely want to use this content strategy because it’s going to save you time. It’s going to help put you on the map.

I’m really excited to share that with you today. Now, if you have been around here for a bit, you might be familiar with some of these elements. I’ve shared it before over in the emerging speaker society and some challenges that I’ve done. I even invited some people to learn about it in a deep dive fashion with my talk talk.

Intensive, because this is some pretty important stuff that really helps indicate an orient you around your signature talk topic. But what I’m sharing with you on the show today is I think I’ve never quite shared it like this before. And I think it’s an awesome deep dive into. What I share in a much deeper way over on my signature talks studio program that is opening back up in October.

So be on the lookout for that. But even if you never create a signature talk or you’re like, Sally, I’ve already got my talk Around this, this approach is going to help give you some flexibility and consistency around your content and help you get more visible. And all of that will help increase authority and recognition.

Now, obviously, if we want to grow our business with speaking, we need to be more visible and build our authority and recognition. So it all comes together here on the show with this content strategy. What’s so great about this is this strategy helps orient your content around a few core pieces, a few core topics that are easy to create, easy to share and helps keep you focused around what you want to be known for.

So number one, before we dive in, you really want to make sure that you have your get started with speaking guidebook, because it’s going to give you the full map. I’m kind of deep diving on a part of it today. But the guide, but gives you the whole map on really how to take your speaking from the side gig thing that you do to something that you are seriously leveraging on behalf of your business or your idea.

If you want that, you can grab it over at, be forward slash G S S. 📍

Last week we were talking about how personal speaking truly is. And it is, I mean, if speaking is not personal for you, then you are probably in what I would call more expert mode and I want to push you.

Expert mode into thought leadership mode, which is personal thought. Leadership requires us to show up fully, not just what we know. We start with what we know, but then we have to show up and share who we are. And if we’re going to do that, that is a very story driven approach. That’s what I love about it.

That’s what is, that’s what moves your audience? That’s what brings people in and they say, I want to follow this person. Now stories are the key to this content strategy. We’re going to get there. I’m going to show you the map of how to get there. We kind of build into it. We’ve got to figure out some other things first before we get to stories, to make sure that the stories that we share are driving towards the topics that we want to be known for.

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to picture in your mind an umbrella. This umbrella is, defining the space for you. So whatever’s under this umbrella is your space, what you want to be known for. There’s a lot of rain happening, but you’ve got your umbrella.

Now the rain think about the rain as your entire industry. Your topic area. So let’s say as an example that you are a life coach. Cause that’s kind of, you’re in the life, coach rain and there’s lots of life coaches out there. And what you do as a life coach is maybe you sell it.

Small group coaching and services aimed at helping career women in those transitions. They’re stuck in some way and you want to help transform their career and help them step into the next level of leadership. Really help them thrive at work. And you use speaking as a part of your funnel to grow your leads and grow your revenue, but ultimately you’re selling your other service.

You’re making some good money speaking. Awesome. But ultimately that’s what you’re selling. Now let’s be honest. There are a lot of life coaches out there, right. And there are a lot of career coaches I have as my speakers, I have two or three that I can think of right now that I have worked with in the last year.

There’s a lot of you out there. I love you. You’re each individual and amazing though. You’re very different from each other, even though this whole industry, this whole rainy, rainy industry, there’s a lot of you. But what we want to do is make really clear what your little umbrella area is, what you are all about.

The first thing that I want you to do is think about the space that you want to define from the rain. In other words, If the rain is your topic, the umbrella and everything underneath it is your take on that topic, the space that you want to carve out.

Let’s say that you are that career development coach, but your take on that topic is self-awareness is the key to your next successful career move, right? It’s all built on self-awareness. Now side note, you can think of your, take your little umbrella take as your signature talk, topic.

Now you’ve identified your umbrella. You’ve defined it. And that is your space that you have carved out in the rain. Your space is around self-awareness. That is the key to your next successful move, whatever.

Now what we want to do is we want to think about what lives underneath that umbrella. So I’m going to share a few more definitions for you. One of the concepts that lives under the umbrella is pillars.

Pillars are core content areas that you speak a lot about, or that people will seek you for advice for, maybe they’re the things that you’re really passionate about, but it’s got to live under your take. So think of it as like a sub topic area. What are some things underneath self-awareness maybe it’s a Personality tool or a self-awareness tool of some kind, maybe it’s self care. Maybe it is leadership strategies. Maybe it is women in relationships. It could be all kinds of different things.

But you’re going to identify three to five pillars that live underneath your umbrella. Try not to go more than five because it gets confusing unless it’s super obvious what lives under your umbrella, right? Two things about these pillars. Number one, you want to make sure that these topics are both relevant to you.

In other words, you want to be known for this and you have some expertise to offer around this pillar. And B, you want to make sure that it is relevant to your audience. So relevance is the first one. You want to make sure it’s super relevant and necessary and you want to be known for it. And you’ve got some expertise there.

It’s like, yep. That’s your area. Now the second thing is that I want you to think about a point of view on this pillar as well. So we’ve got your take under the umbrella, but each pillar you’ve got to take on each pillar as well, because you’re not the only one talking about self-care, you’re not the only one talking about wellness strategies or personality profiles or whatever it might be.

So what is your take on. It's all about defining and identifying distinctions for yourself. How are you different from other people and really carving that out for yourself. Now, while this focus on your take. Here’s why? Because if we want to shift you from expert person, you know, a lot, you’re doing your workshops to out front center, stage thought leadership, growth authority people seeing you as the go-to.

Well, you have to share a point of view. That’s why people listen to speakers or not. A speaker might offer some information, but that doesn’t make them a thought leader. A speaker puts a stake in the ground helps define a different future, a different way forward. So underneath each pillar, I want you to think about a pillar point.

So what is the point that you want to make with this pillar? In other words, what’s your take on that pillar? So we have our take the umbrella. You have your pillars and you have your pillar points. Now what we need underneath each of those pillars are stories.

Here’s the personal and fun part. I want you to brainstorm stories that relate to your pillar. Don’t worry about how many stories. The more stories you have that relate to each pillar, the better, because that becomes fodder for your content creation and your content strategy.

I want you to really ask yourself what are the moments from my life or my client’s lives that really prove my pillar point. Or when did you need to hear that message in your own life? What were moments where you were really lacking this pillar point?

That can be a really powerful story as well. Or what are your clients success stories or your client’s struggles. There’s all kinds of different ways that can point us to stories that ultimately are connected to our pillar point. Importantly, don’t develop these stories right now. You’re just gathering them and connecting them to your pillars so that you can reach for them really, really easily.

We do this so that when you show up to that podcast conversation, that’s about one of your pillars. You have ready points and stories for you to share in that moment when you’re trying to come up with, okay.

Gosh, what am I going to share this week on my Instagram live or my Facebook live? Or what am I going to create for my podcast this week, you can reach into your most relevant topic, the most timely needed pillar topic, and look at your stories and they become your building blocks. That one story will help you illustrate that one point.

Or when you decide I’m ready to create that signature talk, you need only to plug in your content, building blocks into the STS formula and you have a signature talk. My friends. Woo. Of course. Now that means that you do have to come join us in STS to learn about this STS formula, which is a brilliant idea.

And you should do that. It’s happening in October. Be on the lookout. No signature talk or not if you use this content strategy with these building blocks and you are consistent about your content, you orient your content around those few key pillar ideas.

And your stories are all related and connecting back to those points that you want to make. Well, that will create consistency and consistency pays off with awareness, association and authority. Those are three really important. A’s. I’m going to repeat them because they are super important to me.

This is, this is a good content strategy. When your content strategy helps support awareness association with that idea and authority. Whew. That’s exactly what we should be doing day in and day out for our audience. Now let’s be really honest about this strategy. It takes some discipline to do it. If you are one of my, what I lovingly call

All right. You’re a wing at Wendy. You’re like I had an idea and I just kind of went with it and it’s a little off topic, but I’m super passionate about right now, but it doesn’t connect back up to one of your pillars. You’re confusing your audience and you are not setting yourself up as the go-to. So you’ve got to really think about intentionality, making sure that if you can draw a line from the story that you’re telling backup to one of your pillar content blocks, you’re good.

So creating these content blocks, this content strategy is a really powerful way to build your authority both online on your weekly content and your show on your blog, on your lives, on your videos and your talk. But let’s be real. The ultimate in authority is standing center stage. Right in front of your dream audience, that is an authority building credibility, building powerful business building moment.

And those are the moments that many of us are dreaming about. Now with that is a dream of yours. Then you want to do more with this content strategy than just use it in your everyday. I think it’s important to be using it in your every day. But when you have those big moments, you want to make sure that you were intentionally bringing these content building blocks into that moment.

So if it is time for you to get more serious about your 📍 speaking, then it’s time for you to create a signature. Now the signature talk opens October 7th, we’ve already talked about that and the wait list is open. So if you want to join the wait list, you will get early access to a special VIP opportunity that has very limited seats.

So if you’re thinking about it, it’s worth jumping into the wait list. And there may even be a special bonus coming your way there as well. So come join us [email protected] forward slash waitlist more coming sooner. All right, everybody.

Thanks again for joining me here on this move me. I am so grateful that you are here as we sneak up to that 300 number. I can’t believe it. And I’m so curious. What do you think we should do to celebrate? Because that’s a lot of shows. I’m not quite sure what to do. So I’m asking you if you have any idea, For how we could celebrate, if there were any favorite moments from the last 300 episodes, if there’s like a favorite guests that you had, I would love to hear about it.

Head over to my podcast page over at BeMoved. And there’s a SpeakPipe cool little thing there. I don’t know what to call it exactly, but it’s a thing. And if you press the button and you can leave a voicemail for me, and then I could hear your voice and we could share it here on the show. I would love that.

That’s what I would really love to do is to hear from all of you and share your words and your ahas, maybe some moments that you learned something or something you’re taking with you over the last 300 episodes. I would really, really love that, but really I need to hear from you in order to do that.

So head to the podcast page, you can find [email protected] forward slash podcast. 📍 My big hugs to all of you who have left a rating and review view over the last several years. And if you haven’t yet, I would love for you to do that. Sharing these episodes with your audience, with your fellow entrepreneurs.

That is how we build this movement. And the movement of movers cannot happen without you. So my friends, this moved me this week. What is moving you? I’d love. I’ll see you next week.

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