how to take your speaking from side gig to serious

291: How to Take Speaking from Side Gig to Serious

Hey, Movers!

How do you know when it’s time to get more serious and invest in your development as a speaker?

You’re sitting there in the audience and you’re looking at this amazing speaker out front, and you’re thinking to yourself, I want to do that. If that is you, it is time to take speaking from a side gig to something you take seriously. Today, I’m chatting about the three ways to do just that.

Let’s get started! 

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Inspiration If you want speaking to be a part of your business, it really starts by saying yes to the opportunities. It’s a spirit of exploration. It's a spirit of risk taking. It's a spirit of not being passive.




You’re sitting there in the audience and you’re looking at this amazing speaker out front, and you’re thinking to yourself, I want to do that. If that is you, it is time to take speaking from a side gig to something you take seriously, let’s get started.

Hey movers, Sally, easy with be moved. Let’s go create some talks that will move this world. We’re going to talk with amazing speakers, shoot tips, tricks, resources. We are going to be so that our audience can be moved. This moved me, what is moving you?..

Hey everybody.

Welcome back to this move to me. I’m Sally Z, your speaker, coach, and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs like you to leverage the power of speaking. So you can finally be recognized as the go-to in your industry and get out of the time, suck and frustration of and recognition and we are going to start by making sure that you don’t just take this speaking thing. Like not at all. I speak when it comes to me and sure.

I want to do more of it, but you’re not intentionally putting focus and effort on it. I’ve been there. In fact, I spent so much time helping other people with their speaking business. I haven’t really been paying attention to my own. So I’m taking a dose of my own medicine and putting, speaking back into the front of my business.

Now, for most of us speaking is just one revenue stream in our business. PS, did you know if you want to make a million dollars with your speaking, we want to be part of the million dollar mission.

Well, then you need to have a seven. revenue streams in your business. Guess what? One of them is guaranteed to be speaking. It just does, as you become known in your industry, as you build your authority and become a go-to, which speaking can help you do. You’ll get more speaking opportunities because speaking leads to speaking.

So it’s a pretty powerful and lucrative part of your growing business. So we’ve got to shift from side gig to serious and what I’m going to be sharing with you today. Is all about this. Get started with speaking guidebook, GSS right there. Now I’m sharing with you a training that I did over in my Facebook group called the emerging speakers society.

And those are all about three big ideas that we need to embrace in order to shift. From speaking as something that you do to speaking as something that is an intentional part of your business. So I’m really excited to share that with you, but it’s an entree into this training, right?

This free guidebook. It’s my new resource. And you can find it at bemoved dot com slash GSS. It is the pathway to help you take seriously this opportunity of speaking. Hey, not just kind of do it as it comes and when you have time and when the deadline is looming, but no shifting your focus. So. You are really leveraging this power of speaking.

So come check it out, grab it right here and enjoy this sneak peek into the training that we do inside of our Facebook group called the emerging speakers society. Come join us over there. We do deep dives in these trainings and I stick around for questions at the end, there’s lots of great conversations happening over there. And it is a community of people like you who are being intentional about your speaking, and we all need support along the way.

So I’ll see you over there as well. Be moved doc. E S S and this is G S S all right. Let’s do it. 📍

It has been a while since I have shown up here live, and I’m doing a surprise midweek live for you because we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up in the next, Eight weeks. there’s a lot that I want to share with you because I’m going to be on vacation a few times this month, or the schedule is all a little bit wacky.

I wanted to show up for you around a topic that I’ve been talking a little bit about with my team and something that I think is a really interesting prospect for all of us, which is at what point. You decide that speaking is going to be more than just this thing that you do sometimes when people ask you to do it, how do you know when it’s time to get more serious and invest in your development as a speaker?

I think of the moment when You’re sitting out in the audience, you’re sitting out in the audience and you are watching somebody speak and you think to yourself, oh my gosh, I want that moment. I could do that.

Like, whoa. Oh my gosh. Wouldn’t that be amazing if I was up there, even if you’re also at the same time going, but could I, could I really like, is that something that could really do, because I think. We are fooling ourselves. If we believe that the only people who get out front and have that moment are out front, that they don’t have any of those imposter syndrome feelings.

They do believe me because I’m helping people work through those feelings. All the time, regardless of their experience level. So we have to set those feelings aside and listen to that little call that we feel it’s like, ah, yes, I. I want that. I know it can be incredibly powerful for my business. I know I can have a greater impact if I can reach more people and I can get out front plus, it’s so exciting.

And it’d be a big moment. Like all of the things. Yes. We have those moments and then we talk ourselves out of it or we get too busy or we’re like, I don’t know how to do that. It feels really unknown. I’m just going to accept the speaking. When it comes to me and hope that it will naturally organically grow.

That’s not how you really become a go-to speaker in your industry, Unless you are somebody who landed a book deal and your publisher is out promoting you. Then you might get plopped out into the spotlight without having kind of worked your way there.

But for most of us normal humans, we get there. With some intentional focus and work. So I just want to talk today. I want to share three things that will help you identify like, yep. This is how you go from speaking as a side gig to speaking as a serious part of your business that leverages your authority.

That helps put you on the map as the go-to and that will help you make more money. We’ve been talking for the last month or so about we as be moved speakers and our million dollar mission stepping into that million dollar mission. So there’s a lot of you here who have joined that mission already, which I am so thrilled about.

So here here’s what I want to share with you. We’ve established that moment where you’re in the audience. Let me know if you’ve had that moment sitting in the audience.

We’re like, yeah. Yep. I want that. I want that moment. I want to get there. I’m not sure how, I don’t know if I have what it takes, but I want them. Let me know if you’ve had that moment for yourself. But here, here are three big steps that will help you shift from side gig to serious. And the first is to put some goals for yourself around your speaking Okay. That to me helps get it from this abstract place of, I don’t know, I just kind of do it when people ask me to, and I’d like to do it more, but I just don’t really know how it sort of puts the universe on notice in some way to say, okay, here are my goals. Now, even if you have no idea what is a realistic goal that’s okay.

But writing it down on a piece of paper, put it in your Google sheets or your VTO or whatever you’re using to help plan for you for the next 90 days or three months or six months, whatever it is is the next year. Say a year from now. What are your goals in your space? In the next month, what are your goals?

When I set my goals, I like to do it from a far off view. Like first that 10,000 foot view, like in three years, here’s what I want to be doing. Okay. Establish the north star for me, like where, what is all this for? What’s the vision? Where am I going with this?

Okay. And once I have that, then you sort of reverse engineer and you say, okay, well, if that’s the vision in three years, here’s what I want to be in a year. Or here’s what I need to be in a year. What would that be? Okay. And, and don’t judge yourself on the goal or not, but put that goal for a year from now.

And then you reverse engineer. You keep reverse engineering back to what’s next. Okay. So in my business, we like to use what’s called rocks or it’s a VTO or. Vision traction organizer operating system, I think maybe might be the, oh, this is based on rocket fuel. And it’s this entrepreneurial system that I know just enough about to use.

And the rocks really are your most important things in the next 90 days. And those rocks are built based on your one-year goal and your three-year vision. Okay. And then you build back. Okay. So in the next three months, what do I need to do? So a year from now, I meet my goal right now. I’m not a goals expert.

There’s lots of people out there who can share with you more about how to set thoughtful goals. Michael, Hyatt’s got some really great stuff that keeps keeps you really vision oriented and values oriented with but also practical so that we are establishing some kind of balance in our life, right.

The work-life balance. So we’re going to set some goals. A little addendum on the goal thing is for me, I like to think of my goals in two ways. I like to think of them as first a revenue goal, and then also a visibility goal. Because sometimes, and we’re speaking, we’re not making revenue, but it’s still a really powerful part of our business.

Especially as entrepreneurs, when we have to show up consistently to build trust. And authority as we step into thought leadership, that is a really critical component. So are you ignoring those visibility opportunities and not thinking of them as your pathway to get on that big stage? Because it absolutely is.

It’s all about authority building and consistency. So don’t ignore those visibility opportunities. So you’ve got revenue and visibility as you set your goals. The second thing that I think is really important too, to take you off the sidelines and help get you more out front as that go-to speaker in your industry so that you can make more money.

And really establish yourself as an authority. The second piece is of course, to find support for yourself along the way. Now you’ve got this group. This is, I hope a great place of support for you here in the emerging speakers society, because Live trainings, but also because you get to connect with other people who are similar place in their speaking journey.

And we are here in the ESS, because at some point you’ve had, you have acknowledged for yourself that you want to become more intentional with your speaking. That’s really what the emerging speakers society is, is a group of people who are like, I want to do more of that. Help me take the next step so that I can really launch myself as a speaker.

Now, some people come in with more and less experienced than that, which is awesome because it helps us push each other through the process and elevate to the next level. But here in this group, this is all about support. Now there’s lots of coaches out there. There’s lots of communities out there.

There’s a million YouTube videos. There’s podcasts. There’s all kinds of ways for you to find support. The bottom line is this. You cannot do it alone. So please don’t. And it’s really important that we don’t do it alone on the show tomorrow episode two 90. So whenever you’re you ended up listening to this, it might be before or after this, but episode two 90 is really like what kind of support helps us elevate to the next level, because there’s some support.

That keeps you isolated and there’s some support that helps you see yourself more clearly. And that’s the kind of support I think we need as speakers to push ourselves to the next level. I guess it’s a mental game. Speaking is such a mental. And we’re deluding ourselves when we’re like, oh, if I just perfect my skills, then I’ll be able to really knock it out of the park.

And the truth is speaking is challenging emotionally. And our it’s, it’s a full mind body spirit experience because we show up fully as ourselves. So we need support in the process. Yes. Yes. Okay. Now the third element that I wanted to share with you all today is. This piece about saying yes, if we want to shift from, this is kind of my side gig.

I really love to speak to a place where you are earning revenue as a speaker, and you’re growing your business with speaking and being seen as the go-to. Like, if you want speaking to be a part of your business, it really starts by saying yes to the opportunities that come to you. Now, this might seem pretty obvious because when we’re starting out, we’re just so excited to get opportunities that we do say yes to a lot, but it’s also, to me, a spirit of exploration, it’s a spirit of risk taking.

It’s a spirit of not being passive. For the opportunities that come to us. And I’m not just talking about the speaking opportunities, I’m talking about things like this, like these live experiences saying, yes, it’s not being. Passive participant on the journey. It’s stepping up front and saying, yes, I am doing this.

I can always identify who the yes, people are. I can always identify the people who are like, I am doing this. I believe in myself. I also have doubts. I’m also a little unsure, but I’m going to say yes. I’m going to say yes, this little voice inside me that is pushing me out front.

I’m going to say yes to that podcast opportunity, even though I’m scared and I don’t know exactly how it’s going to go, but I’m going to learn in the process. I’m going to say yes. To the invitation to join this group and to see what this is all about, I’m going to watch the videos. I’m not just going to download stuff.

I’m going to actually dive in. I’m going to say yes to the calendar time that I’ve blocked off. This is about priority an intention and a willingness to take the risks that we don’t always feel super confident about because speaking is learning by doing. It is embodying all of our ideas and it’s risk and vulnerability and potentially rejection.

And so we’ve got to say, yes, we have to say yes to it. We have to say yes to the rejection. You have to say yes to the opportunity. We have to say yes to the failing. We have to say yes to the risk. That’s what it’s all about. And I really believe if you can set some goals. Hey, not just talk about it, not just kind of have it as this fluffy thing, that’s out there, but put some concrete goals for yourself and then of course, work to meet them.

Okay. That’s important part of it. And you find support along the way, and you have an attitude of yes. An attitude of risk, an attitude of give it a shot. The combination of those three things. I can’t see how you don’t grow when you’re doing those three things. The cool thing about speaking, the awesome thing about speaking is anybody can do it.

There are skills that you can learn. And combine that with the, the truth that is there’s room for everybody. There’s no one way to do this. So you don’t have to show up having it all exactly together or all done perfectly, or all of your marketing assets done. You just keep taking steps forward and putting yourself out there.

And it happens not always at the pace that we want, but it happens. All right. My friends I hope this was helpful for you. Let me know if you have questions I’m here for you. Throw them in the comments or reach out to me. You can always message me. I’ve gotten a few messages from folks this week, which I’ve really, really appreciated.

Here’s what I want you to know is that you can dive in deeper on all of this. If you go check out my new resource, if you haven’t yet downloaded it, it is a much deeper dive into the process. And the map of getting started with your speaking. And that doesn’t mean that you it’s not for people who. Like you, Melissa, you’ve already done a lot of speaking.

It’s talking about getting, you started to get serious with your speaking. So from the very beginning, what do you need to get clear on? What are the steps? So that by the end of this, you have everything you need to launch it. As a professional serious speaker in your industry. So you can become a go-to so that it, that resource, I think there’s so much good stuff in here.

I’d love for you to check it out. Be forward slash G S S we’re get started with speakers. And I’d love some feedback if you’ve checked it out. Was it helpful? Was there anything in there that you were like, I really love some more info on this or all of that is greatly appreciated for me because it is a new resource and I’m super jazzed about it, but most importantly, I want you to value it.

I want it to be helpful for you. I want it to help you take the next step. In your journey. The GSS is basically a map. It’s a few pages long. There’s not like a whole course to do. It’s really mapping out the process.

There is a, and I haven’t talked much about this mostly because. I’m just focused on getting the GSS out there, but there is a deeper dive mini course that you can access. And right now it’s, we’re selling it at an absolutely ridiculous price, mostly because I just want to get it out there. And I want people, I want some feedback on, on how it works for you, but this mini course is a Google drive full of videos and extra how to resources and it takes the map of the GSS and all the steps in the GSS and says, okay, now here’s how to do it.

Okay. So the map is the, what the GSS is the what? And the mini course is really the, how so when you download it, you’ll, you’ll learn more about the insider system is. the GSS is the free download and the insider system is a mini course. Which is basically a Google drive. So it’s not fancy trying to keep it simple.

And we’re selling it for $37. So if that’s something that you guys want or are curious about, definitely let me know. I can send you the link for it. I’ll put the links in this video as well, but I would love your feedback. You guys are my people. So I want to know if it’s working for you. If you’ve got.

Feedback or thoughts or suggestions or what’s what you’re loving about it. 📍 What’s not working. I want to hear it all. So feel free to reach out or throw it in the comments and I’ll be in touch. All right. Thanks for coming now, Thursday, you guys get a double movers live this week. So Thursday, we are doing another session.

Once you’ve declared for yourself, okay, I’m ready to get serious about my speaking. What are the three core areas that I need to focus on as I’m getting serious? So that’s Thursday. I’ll see you all there. Thanks for being here.

Hey everybody. Thanks again for joining me on the show. I am so grateful that you are here. It means the world to me that you are sticking with us.

And as you know, and some of you have been around for all the years. It’s been many years that we have been doing the show and we’re almost at episode 300 and I’d love to know what can we do to celebrate? What would you like to hear? What have been some of your favorite moments on the show over the years, I’ll be talking about it more over on the socials, but this is your chance.

You want to repeat something you want to bring a guest back. What should we do? Do you want to just have me post all of my outtakes again and again, because there’s a lot of them I think it makes people feel good when they see. How many mistakes that I make.

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we need more of us for it to really be a movement. All right. My friends, that’s it for me. I’ll see you next week. Bye bye.

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