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289: What it Takes to Have a Million $$ Business, with Tasha Booth

Hey, Movers!

Did you catch that moment in the show last week where I couldn’t even believe myself when I said that I was creating a Million-Dollar Business… which is a problem.

But that is what this million-dollar mission is all about!

So, today on the show, I’m bringing with me somebody who can actually speak to it for real – because she is a million-dollar business owner. Tasha Booth is the CEO and the founder of The Launch Guild, an agency that helps entrepreneurs like us launch their programs, podcasts, and courses. And last year they hit a million dollars. So we talk about: what did it take to get there? What was the mindset shift required in order for this magic to happen?

Listen in and find out!

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Did you catch that moment in the show last week where I was like, someday I’m going to have a million dollar business. as it was coming out of my mouth, I couldn’t even believe myself which is a problem.

Cause you definitely have to believe yourself. I’m working on it, I’m working on it. The truth is there are a lot of us out there that want to become a million dollar entrepreneur. That is a milestone that is worth pursuing. And yet. I didn’t totally believe myself when I said it – but that is what this million dollar mission is all about.

Today on the show, I’m bringing with me, somebody who can actually speak to it for real, because she is a million dollar business owner.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to this move to me. My name is Sally Z or speaker, coach. If you’re not familiar and I empower big hearted entrepreneurs like you to leverage the power of speaking so that you can finally have the impact that you’ve always wanted and escape the frustration and time suck of recognition.

Today on the show I have with me. Tasha booth. Now, Tasha booth is an incredible entrepreneur herself. She’s the CEO and the founder of the launch Guild.

That is a UN agency that helps entrepreneurs like us launch their programs out into the world. They’re amazing. And she’s also a speaker and has courses and all of her own brand as well. And last year they hit a million dollars and this year. They’re hitting a million dollars already in this year. I mean, incredible, incredible growth.

And so I wanted to have the conversation with her. Like what did it take to get there? What was the mindset shift required in order for this magic to happen? Because a lot of us want it to happen and it takes something a little special to get there. What does it take to get there? Well, listen in and find out You guys, I have something new to share with you . It is called the get started with speaking guidebook. Now here’s the deal. It’s not for people who have never spoken before.

It’s for people who want to really get serious about their speaking, who know that it is time for them to leverage speaking on behalf of their business or their idea. And they’re not quite sure how to go about it. You want to become intentional in this approach. If you want to really leverage speaking, then this new resource is totally for you.

It’s a perfect little entree into our conversation. Yeah. Because you have built a million dollar business. I know how crazy is that? I mean, it’s amazing.

And the stats are. They are not necessarily in people’s favor. There are a lot of them out there. It’s like 2% of women. I didn’t read that stat until we had already hit the million dollar mark. And I was like, I’m really glad I didn’t read that before. Cause I would have been like, oh, well maybe it’ll happen.

You know what I mean? I kind of wish I hadn’t heard that step myself. So I’m like, ah, shoot. Yeah, everybody talks about the million dollar business and it’s a, it’s a milestone and obviously it’s significant. It’s a huge deal. And I know you guys celebrated it. That’s about a year ago, right? Yeah. It was a year that we had a million dollars overall for like the time we have been since we started and this year we’re going to be hitting our first million dollars a year.

So that’s crazy. It’s amazing. That is so fantastic. So huge, huge kudos to you and your team. You’ve built a business. Yeah. To lay that. I’m gonna like pick your brain how this happened. The, the, especially the thinking that we need to adopt as entrepreneurs.

And of course I’m really talking to speakers and aspiring speakers to help them step into that next level and start charging. Yeah, so their talent and their expertise and and to make more money with their speakers because there’s normally out there in speaking and too many of us take too long to get there. We’re soaking and your inspiration as you’ve laid the foundation for yourself and for all the rest of us. But I would love to start with your story. You started out as a VA, right? And now you’ve got this business. So tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. Yeah, well, I was a little girl like selling things at seven years old, like door to door.

So I’ve always really enjoyed being an entrepreneur and having my own thing and my own money and like, and just being in charge of how much I make basically. And when I started as a VA, I did it just to pay off some student loan debt and that sort of thing. And it grew really fast. So the point of where I left my full-time job to become, to do VA support full-time.

And I quickly realized that like, there were all of these needs that my clients had all the time and I personally couldn’t fill each one of those needs all the time. And launching with something that I would just really, really enjoyed. I was, I was fortunate enough to get onto some pretty large launch teams.

Leave for clients as the tech VA normally, and seeing like the inside of the cog and what all the needs were, it just made sense to kind of take it from what I like to call a me to a week and making it a team effort and having those experts that could support our clients in a bunch of different ways instead of just like me being, you know, the tech.

Right, right. Yeah. So a whole sale approach to launch, which is a beautiful thing that I’ve personally experienced. It’s such a relief because it is so taxing. It’s there. There’s just so many things. And. Especially when our clients who haven’t launched before or who haven’t launched a lot before they come to us and being like, oh, you know, I just need like a sales page.

And then like I do the thing and then I make a million dollars and we’re like, okay, here’s our like 200 plus like project plan. You know, 200 plus tasks and everything, it really does take a team effort, whether that’s a small team for, you know, brand new launches or our, our whole team basically. But it’s definitely a huge effort.

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And a big part of launching is our thinking about money. So there’s a really interesting overlap here. You are helping entrepreneurs. Deal with their own money mindset. So not only are you growing your own business, you’re really helping other people grow theirs and deal with their money mindsets.

So what are some of the big blocks that you see with people as you were trying to push them to a new level and be like, no, you can do that. Yeah. So there’s two, there’s two that come to mind immediately. Number one is charging what their services are, what their course or program is actually worth. I know that I dealt with that when I first started, there’s a program that I still teach every once in a while we live launch it like one or two times a year, and it’s a month long thing.

And I used to charge $197. For a month of my time, all live classes with like group coaching involved, it was crazy. And it was this deep rooted belief that like, no, one’s going to pay more for that. You know? And when we like really like unfold that belief it’s, well, I’m not worth, you know, or like the time that I’ve put into what I have learned is not worth XYZ price.

So. Deal with that. And just figuring out, you know, how to charge accordingly for all of the, the, not just like hours of work in creating and preparing for their launch, but all the hours of work in and years of work and becoming an expert in what they’re teaching, you know? Right. So, so that’s definitely one.

And then the other thing is asking for this and this one, like a, it shouldn’t surprise you. It still surprises me the number of clients that we have. And they have like amazing, beautiful products, you know, are the launches like ready to go. And then they don’t show up in like on their social media and all those places to actually ask for the sale.

And we have to remind them, like, you have to tell people about the fact that like you’re doing this thing, you know, and I think that there’s something about. I think once again, if we, if we unfold and unpack where it comes from, it’s like women being too salesy, too pushy, you know, it’s, it’s all of those things that worked often taught even as kids.

And that we take with us in our entrepreneurial journey. It’s amazing how the childhood stuff, you know, entrepreneurship of course. And speaking as a, obviously a particular form of entrepreneurship and most speakers especially the ones I’m working with, they are existing within an ecosystem of their business.

And so their visibility is a big piece. And even people like, even me, I like, I like being visible. It’s I’m amazed sometimes where I’m like, I have not been shown. I have not been showing my face. I’ve not been, yeah. I don’t have a problem. This face is crazy. I love that face problem being external, but it’s amazing how safe the inside of the business can feel sometimes where I’m like, this is I’m going to get really obsessed over this thing internally here, instead of yeah.

Showing up externally where. It just feels more like I’m just leaping off the cliff and I don’t really know what’s going to happen. Right. Well, and it’s, it’s the thing we know, right. Our business and our area of expertise versus the thing that we don’t know. And like most, most people become entrepreneurs become speakers because of the thing that they know, you know?

Yeah. Welders become welders because they’re great at that. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re great at the social media, the visibility, the marketing pieces, those are all things that you have to practice and be taught in some ways. And so yeah, if you don’t practice it, it’s really easy to just be like, I’m just going to tinker with this thing over here.

Yes. And in order to grow a million dollar business, we don’t have to be experts at everything, correct? Yeah. Right. I’m like looking for affirmation. You did not have to be an expert on everything. Probably trying to do everything is going to keep you from stepping into that space. And I, I just wonder if there are some other lessons that you have learned along the way that would be especially applicable to us as not just entrepreneurs, but maybe even as speakers.

What are those things that you’re like? Wow. To get here. I had to, I don’t know. What are some of those things that you had to embrace or do.

Yeah, I think the big one is embrace community. I am huge on community and huge when it comes to community. And I know that like I would not have the business that I do now without the steps that I took really early on, actually.

My first full-time year. I did 52 coffee chats in 52 weeks. And I know, and it was actually more than 52 because there were a number of weeks that I did, like two or three or four. So it was probably closer to like 70, 75, but there are people that I created informed connections. That eventually I was on their podcast or they referred me to a new client or, you know, they, they saw something that they thought that I would be great at grant wise.

Like there’s all of these connections that I still, that you know, are still near and dear friends to me today. I think about community a lot and just getting yourself out there and realizing that I don’t, I don’t ever see somebody as my competition. I always see like, how can we learn and grow together and kind of climb the mountain, you know, to success together.

So I think that that’s probably one of the big ones. The other one. Yeah. Not doing it all alone. Like I, anytime somebody is like, oh, how did you create a million dollar business? I’m like, I have a team, you know, and I quickly realized what I’m great at what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are and surround myself with the people who compliment me really well and have strengths in the places that I’m weak and vice versa.

Yeah. And so that’s a big one and then also surrounding yourself with people who are a little bit farther ahead than you. So that’s, and what I mean by that is I’m always looking for a place where I’m either the small or the medium sized fish instead of the big fish, because if I’m already the big fish and I’m seeing like, Small and medium only then I think like, oh, this is the pinnacle I’ve reached it.

This is, this is it. You know? But if I’m the small to medium, I can see what’s possible. And I hadn’t experienced like that recently in a group. And it’s in an incubator six month incubator group for those who have million dollar or more businesses for for women who have million dollar more businesses.

And I’m like, okay, like, I want to see what, what is like a $3 million business look like what does a 5 million? And so it was the first, our first meeting and this woman in the group shows up and she’s on a private yacht vacation with her husband, like zooming. From her. And I’m like, okay, I needed to see that.

I was like, okay, this is where we’re headed. I love it. Okay. So I was just, I just did a movers live in my emerging speaker society, the Facebook group. And I was talking about how important it’s going to be for us to blow our own minds. Yes. And, and to me that, that absolutely mirrors the experience of being a paid speaker again and again, again, and again, can I ask for this much money?

I think gonna say like, are they people gonna pay me this much money and I’m just like, Like that was an easy, yes, I wasn’t expecting that. I just blew my own mind or hearing about even like, cause I work with speakers who get paid more than I do. And I’m like, holy cow, you just got paid 15 grand for a 30 minute keynote.

Yup. I can do that. If you can do that, I can do that. And just continuing to blow my own mind. And see what’s possible. So there are a lot of my speakers who are like, cause I’m trying to push people into 10 grand per speaking gig. Like this is that’s totally doable. And they’re like, that is bonkers. That is crazy.

I know, I know it feels bonkers, but once you start, I think surrounding yourself or even just being aware and learning about what other people make you start going. Oh, There’s it’s so much more possible than we realize, because all we think is as possible as what has been passed. Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

And I’m actually experiencing that right now as a speaker. I like wanted to speak last year and then last year didn’t happen. And so now this year I’m starting to get invited to in-person things and I’m like, oh my gosh. Like, how can I, and like the other day I set a number to somebody. Yeah. They are gonna like turn around and be like, well, thanks.

But no thanks. And they were like, okay, that’s great. That’s totally in our budget. And I was like, crap, I should have asked for more

because once you put that number out there, it’s good to get back and be like, actually I meant to add another zero,

but yeah. I know that when I first started off as a VA, like the number that moose VA’s are trying to get to is 5,000. Like if I, you know, can consistently have a 5,000 month, like that’s awesome. And yes, that is awesome to have. But one of my first coaches, she was in one of those groups and she was making 200,000 a year and I was like, Oh, that’s possibly a thing.

Okay. You know, and like, like you were saying, like when I saw that she did it, it was like, okay, well, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for me. It’s just doing, going through the steps and doing the work. Yep. Yeah. And, and honestly, that’s part of the reason I’m taking on this, this million dollar mission.

I know that there are people watching me and sometimes I can, I can do things for other people, way more easily than I can for myself, which is a thing I’m working on it. Like I’m aware. But having that as a motivator for me, that I want to lead the way on this. And I make $10,000 when I speak. Not always, but sometimes then if that’s possible for me, then it’s possible for you.

And I’m going to keep pushing the envelope of what I think is possible to blow my own mind. And I want everybody else to come along. As well, because there’s so much potential and impact. If we can push into that next stage and just not settle for what has been. Yeah. Cause there are people out there who need to hear from you.

Absolutely. Absolutely. They need to hear your story. Absolutely.

So Tasha, we’re talking so much about. Mindset and how powerful our thinking is. And a lot of people look at a million dollars and it’s kind of like this, this little dream that they have, but there’s this. Well, all kinds of stuff.

I’m sure. Come up for people. Like, for me, I’m like, I think I could be a 2%. I could be one of those 2%. Like I, I think I could be, but it, it sounds more like, I think I can, instead of this is happening. And so I’m curious for your, for yourself, how your thinking has maybe evolved over time so that you, you are a person.

Who makes a million dollars who has a million dollar business. Yeah, I love that for that person, you know, we do. Yeah. And if you had said four years ago, Hey, Tasha, your, your business is going to make a million dollars a year. I’d be like Sally, you’re hilarious. You know? So there, there’s definitely a growth in what my, what my brain and what my mind and my heart can do.

Imagine and envision for myself. And I think it’s a matter of number, a couple of things. Number one, last year, we started doing this in 2019, or I started doing this in 2019, where, when we decided, when I decided to go, usually I just go, Hey team, this is what we’re going to make next year. And then they all have heart attacks, but in 2019, I was like, okay, 2020 is going to be our half a million dollar a year.

Right. And so in, at the end of 2019, I started say it all the time, every single podcast that I was on, if the guests asked me, or if the host asked me, you know, what question do you want me to ask you? I would say, ask me my goal for 2020, right? Yes. And the reason was because the first one. Hundred times. I said, we’re going to make half a million dollars this year.

I almost threw up in my mouth. Like it freaked me out. I almost put my pants was terrible, but Dan, I started being just like, oh, the sky is blue. I’m making 500, $500,000 this year. And the same thing with a million dollars a year when we made that goal, I was just like, I need to say it. And I need to, to say it out loud until it doesn’t scare me anymore.

And now I have this thing where every time. The clock strikes my birthday. So my birthday is March 24th. So every time it’s 3 24, I say million dollar year, million dollar year. And it’s just a matter of making it. So matter of fact, that it’s like, why wouldn’t I hit that goal? You know? And then the second part to that is I think sometimes we stop at, oh, I’m going to make a million dollars.

And then we forget that like, there are actions to do that. So yes, there are different roads that it can take. I try not to be as rigid as like to make a million dollars. We have to do this, this, this, this, and this. But I, we look at, you know, we create a strategy around it and we say, okay, what are some of the roads in order to be able to do this?

And then following through in that action piece? I think a lot of times we sit too much in the cerebral or just like, The mindset, you know, the meditation and the mindset and everything. And then we don’t walk into the action, right? Yeah. I heard something the other day that was really helpful for me. And it was talking about the becoming, right?

So our thoughts help us. I love this idea of, I had to say it out loud enough times that it didn’t freak, freak you out. But part of the reason we do that is so that our behavior. Can back it up so that our actions, we actually take the action. So sometimes we have to start there. You know, we have to be like, I have to believe this harder.

I have to convince myself a little bit more, but also our actions are a way of convincing ourselves as well. And we really have to do both. We can’t just meditate and have all the candles and the, you know, yeah. I’ve got a million post-it notes around now that are like, make decisions, got all the things, what to think for myself and what to repeat.

But if I don’t do, if I don’t show up, you don’t get external. If you don’t get visible, if you don’t like you, you aren’t becoming the person who has a million dollars. Exactly. Yes. And the other thing, what are the other things that, as you were saying that I just remembered that I did was I literally, what do you see?

What do million dollar business CEOs do? Cool. What do they do? You know, like with their day and read some of like, there’s a whole bunch of articles on like what million dollar CEOs, like how they spend their day. And I was like, okay, how, how am do I need to show up? As a million dollar CEO. So I wrote down like, you know, she, she makes sure that she connects with like her friends and family, like she eats well and exercises.

Like she, you know, believes in her own abilities. Like all of those things that are just like, oh, these are things that I need to embody and either continue doing or do better in order to step into my mind. Beautiful. Yeah. I was just reading this morning. I’m listening to the Rachel Rogers book. Everyone should.

I’ve ruined. We should all be, we should all be shit.

So good. So inspiring. And that idea of what it, what does it look like? What does your day look like? Because that is the embodiment of it. The becoming of it and finding those little ways to, I just listened to the wind. She was like, what, what a million dollars. Action is and the littlest thing, and it is things like making sure that you walk out the door feeling really good and wearing something you feel really good at.

That’s totally a million dollar behavior. That’s a million dollar becoming, even those little tweaks can make a big deal because we have to convince ourselves. Right? Exactly. It’s all tied up the thing. Being the becoming the becoming. Awesome.

So let me ask you this. What is next for you and the million dollar journey?

Like you just said, you’re in this group, you’re starting to imagine. Yeah. More so about a month ago I was driving back from Starbucks as I do every morning. It’s like the only place I go. And all of a sudden was. We’re going to do $3 million next year. So I Vox with my team and they fainted. And then when they, when they came to, they were like, okay.

And we have, we’ve been intentional about, so I kind of have two sides to my business. Right. I have the agency side and then I have the coaches coaching and courses side for myself that I do. And we, this year have been intentional about. Evening out like which side, you know, does what, in terms of revenue.

And now we, next year are taking the Tasha booth side as we call it the co coaching and course side to like double if not triple it. So that’s the core, right? That’s your speaking side. That’s the speaking side. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. So that’s, that’s super fun. And that’s one of the reasons that my leadership team is flying in, in October for four, four days.

Cause I’m like, okay, so how, how are we going to do this? We know the goal, how are we going to get there? I can’t wait to see more Tasha booth out in the world. Thank you. You do have a, this a fun little fact. I learned about you after we had worked together and after I knew him. I had forgotten. If I knew before I’d forgotten you are a theater person.

You’re like a performer performer. I am, my degree is in musical theater. I did it. I did it for 12 years, like professionally until I know how crazy is that? Well, it makes so much sense, but it’s a really interesting career path right from there. And then you’re a tech. I know who would have thought it was typical skills that exist in the same human they’re not.

And people were shocked by it all the time. I’m like, I don’t know. You know what I think it is because I’ve been dancing since I was three years old. And when I see tech, I see it as a dance. Like I see in my brain, I see how all of it connects. And like, it’s like choreography to me. That’s the best way I can explain it.

But I think that that’s why it works. But, but what I love about this. As you are stepping more out front in your own brand where you are, you’re the teacher, you’re the coach. You’ve got the course, like that’s the ecosystem of your business. And you know, the launch Guild is part of that. It’s like a little offshoot for you, but, but all of those skills as an entrepreneur, as you know, you’re mastering.

Being a bad-ass CEO, because you are like you post something. I’m like, yeah, what she said, but you get to be a performer again, you get, and then you already, you are external. You are out front, you are on podcasts all the time. So many summits I’m like is doing another thing, but I love that you are embracing you as the brand, as the external voice and face and getting out there and kicking butt.

So do you have any specific goals for yourself as a speaker in the next few? I just want to speak more. I think that’s, that’s really my, my big goal now. I think it’ll, it’ll Morphin. It’ll kind of shape itself a little bit more as I go, but right now it’s just a matter of like saying yes to a lot of opportunities when they come to speak and, and continuing to refine it.

Yeah. Yup. That’s how, that’s how it happens. And I love that you’re Thank you, which was not something I was doing two years ago, I was doing a lot of like free stuff. And then all of a sudden I was like, huh, I should probably start charging,

you know, as entrepreneurs, there’s always going to be a role for free visibility. Like it’s powerful. It has its place in your business. Absolutely. And it can be a part, a really powerful part of a funnel where. You’re it’s a lead generator, right? I mean, that’s why you do podcasts. Exactly, exactly. Into your universe in a pretty simple, you know, low time commitment, low stress way, ideally.

But I love that you’re also operating as a high level million dollar business CEO. Yeah. Thank you. And not enough women in particular. And women of color in particular, you have got to push that for yourself. So I’m really happy to see. Thank you. Awesome. Yay.

This has been really fun. I am so grateful for your time and your energy and your brilliance and for just leading the way for us.

Cause I personally, just because you’re in my, you know, whatever universe in some small way.

I love that.

Do you mind do your thing? And then it helps me do my thing truly. So great. Well, thank you for that. Okay. We’ll tell everybody where they can connect with you and follow up with you. What’s nice. Yes. So my company is called the launch Guild. That’s our website to the launch, gil.com. I’ll see, you can find tashabooth.com.

So those are the two places I hang out on Instagram way too much. So come and find me say, Hey, and every once in a while, we get to see pictures of Tosh. Back in the dancing days. I know it’s crazy. I am super excited because I live in Albuquerque and Albuquerque has an amazing theater community. And it’s, it’s the weird, like quirk that, and the ballooning is the weird quirk of Albuquerque, but yeah, I’m very excited to get back into theater.

I did a lot of it. The last time we lived here and since we’ve moved back theater, hasn’t been a thing, but you know, it’s, it’s coming back. So when it comes back, I will be there. Well, this is, I mean, yes. Sign me up, like livestream that I dunno, Albuquerque. You’re awesome. Thanks for being here. Thank you.

All right, everybody. Thank you again for joining me here on the show. I hope I will see you next week, right here. Now a quick request. If you’ve been listening for a long time, you know, this I’ve been doing this for years years, my friend, we are almost at episode number three. Hundred, but here’s the deal. You amazing sweet people who listen and watch. I love you. I’m so, so grateful for you, but I want more people to find this show. People reach out to me and tell me how much they appreciate it. And that means the absolute world to me. If you haven’t yet to rate and review this show over on apple podcasts or on Spotify, wherever you listen.

And then would you share it? Would you please be willing to share the show over on the socials? The easiest way to do that would be of course, to follow me on social and then share what I’m sharing, because then it’s really easy and it takes like three seconds, right? Okay, bye everybody. This moved me. What is moving you today? I’d love to know. Bye-bye.

This is terrible. This is the worst intro. I’ve ever done. I don’t even know what I’m saying.

It’s fine. It’s fine. I just got to get through it. Oh my God. Oh, oh my gosh.


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