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275: Virtual Speaking Is Not Going Away (so here’s how to make the most of it) with Lea Pica

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Today what’s moving me is the idea that we’re never going to be done with virtual… and that this weird relationship we have with Zoom (and the like!) will continue. 

And YES – last week we were dreaming about getting back out on stage!… and we WILL! But today we’re focusing on what really makes virtual speaking work. 

Enter Lea Pica!

Lea is a Data Viz expert – which means she knows how to help people present their data well… she is the host of the podcast, Present Beyond Measure podcast – and is an absolute GEM… 

Lea has had a long history of presenting not just in-person, but also online, virtually. And in this episode, she shares with us the “Four Horsemen of the Present Apocolypse” – i.e., what we can do to make sure that virtual doesn’t take us down!!  These ideas are essential – so I hope this helps you not just get through virtual speaking – but to really make the most of it.

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