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274: How to Turn Your Audience into Raving Fans – with David Scott

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Today on the show you’re going to hear from David Meerman Scott – the author of a BUNCH of books – as well as a global keynote speaker – having spoken on the biggest stages and the biggest conferences.

David’s sharing with us strategies around building FANS – not just clients. And as speakers – one of the things we’re focused on is building an audience, and creating a genuine connection with that audience.

This conversation is it actually took place wayyyyy last January. As in January 2020! What?! Well – we were planning on sharing it in MARCH of 2020… but as you might remember, that’s when the entire world changed… and well, a focus on the power of connection from the stage seemed to take a needed back seat for a bit.

And now that we’re beginning to step back out front, I wanted to bring an experienced speaker’s voice out to the audience, and share his research on how to really leverage the connection we have with audiences to grow our businesses.

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Inspiration Human connection is very very important...it's an essential element to the idea of developing fans.




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