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273: 5 Warning Signs You Need a New Approach to Speaking… [and why a signature talk is the answer]

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Today on the show we’re going to look at 5 signs that you’re ready for a signature talk in your business. After working with speakers for 20+ years – what I can tell you is that not EVERYONE is ready for a signature talk… but if you’re experiencing any of these 5 things, a signature talk will make a significant difference for you in the every day. 

Some people aren’t ready for a signature talk – because they’re still trying to find the courage and confidence to step out front. 

And that may be you… if that’s you – it doesn’t mean that your voice and ideas are any less needed. I feel super passionately that you need to work on your speaking, and still leverage the power of your voice to connect and engage with your audience.

If you feel a pull out front in a bigger way… and if you resonate with any of these signs I’m sharing in this show…well, then it’s time for you to find a better approach in your speaking so you can have a bigger impact… (and leave some of these warning signs behind)… 

And that’s really what they are – warning signs. They are signs that you are under-utilizing speaking – and that you may be leaving serious impact on the table.

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