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267: The First Step in Building Authority and Trust in Your Business

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Up-level Your Speaking: Move Your Audience
Before you can start truly impacting your audience – there are three key ideas that need to be crystal clear. Are you ready?
Today on the show I’m super excited to be talking with you about the BEFORE of your authority and speaking…
  • The place where – if we don’t get clear – we will get stuck  – or start creating and then have to circle back to this exact place… 
I want to save you that frustration – and help you step into more authority and impact –
And – the truth is – You can’t speak well without this clarity. 
The first circle is YOU. Who you are.
I think a helpful way to think of the YOU circle is to ask yourself… 
  • What is MY PARTICULAR gift and expertise?…
But here’s the thing? It’s not just about the YOU circle. Cause = we all have a LOT to offer!… as speakers, we are speaking TO someone – so before you get too attached to anything in your YOU circle – you have to layer on top of it the AUDIENCE circle… who you’re talking to… 
  • But not just Who they are – but what they NEED…. 
So I want you to spend some time in that AUDIENCE circle, getting as clear as you can on your “audience” – who they are, what they need, what they’re struggling with… 
The THIRD circle, this powerful layer  – THE WORLD… 
In other words – how does this fit into what the world needs right now? 
And the MAGIC of that idea lives at the intersection of these three circles:
Once you have thought through the elements of this Venn diagram – it’s a powerful jumping-off point for your authority. 
This info is powerful for us to keep in mind EVERY DAY we step out front and build our influence and voice… 
AND – it is the first and maybe most essential step you can take in creating that powerful, persuasive signature talk. 
It all starts with clarity! 
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