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On to the show!

Amanda Horvath is a video coach, course creator, hugely successful YouTuber, and entrepreneur. (Plus – Amanda is one of my speakers from the Signature Talk Studio!) She is a brilliant entrepreneur, talented video coach – and maybe the nudge you need to finally embrace video so you can grow your business (and yourself)!

(Plus – check out Amanda’s DIY Video Roadmap course that opens in just a few weeks!)

Episode Highlights
  • 3 things that hold us back from stepping into video
  • 3 things you can do to get started on Video:
  • A fun trick to play with your delivery and find your most engaging voice
  • Why you need an explainer statement (and what it is)
  • Why you might need to go negative in your approach with video
  • Why LinkedIn might be the place to go all in with your videos
  • And Why Amanda is NOT playing on Reels!
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