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249: What it Takes to Create Your Signature Talk (and why it’s worth it)!

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Today on the show we’re talking with three of my students from the signature talk studio… asking them the very important question… what does it take to create a signature talk?… and – as you’ll hear – it’s life-changing, empowering – and catalytic. In other words – challenging – but worth it. Listen in to hear about their powerful AHA’s, the ways in which they’re using their signature talks, and the pivotal moments in the journey.

Three of my superstars from the signature talk studio this summer – and three people who are bravely sharing their ideas with the world. And today, they’re sharing their journey to creating their signature talk with you – and why that’s so important!

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About the Speakers

Jayla Rae is both an online biz expert AND an expert on being who she is… which is a military spouse. As she began living life as a military spouse, Jayla Rae realized that she needed some support… and now offers that support to other military spouses by offering personal development coaching. She is so much HEART, passion, bright and connected –  and a really incredible writer… She shares her journey with so much authenticity and her voice is so needed, and it’s been an absolute JOY to work with her!

Jenn Whitmer  – who you may remember from a few episodes back! – is a conflict and communications coach who uses the Enneagram to help organizations, teams, and people live more peaceful lives… Jenn is a DELIGHT – a gifted communicator, and intuitive and insightful coach…I’m so happy to have her back on the show. 

Coach Debi Powell is a wellness coach, focused on helping people break out and breakthrough from whatever is holding them back. Debi was a nationally recognized college basketball coach and now takes her coaching off the court as a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and a Sports Performance Specialist. She is a coach at heart and is at her best when facilitating growth opportunities and helping others achieve their goals. And I can tell you this about Debi – she is brave, hilarious, direct, and totally endearing! 

Inspiration “Developing the stories, and developing the talk, was really developing me.”




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