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236: The Journey Series – Amena Brown on Courage

Hey, Movers!

I got to see Amena Brown speak at the STORY Gathering a few years back – and its as one of those WOW moments. She has a powerful, grounded and joyful presence, which is a totally engaging combination. And when we sat down to talk – what became clear to me was that Amena embraces the part of our journey that takes the most courage: and that is owning our own particular voice. 
Here’s a look back at our conversation where we focus on EMBRACING COURAGE as a pivotal part of our journey as speakers. 
  • In the process of finding your voice, we have to be really disciplined editors and keep digging
  • How do we take the craft of spoken word poetry to all types of speaking?
  • Practice taking your talk to 3 minutes – you will find a better idea of what you want to get across
  • Spoken word helps to create content that will leave a more clear image in the mind of your audience
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You never know how telling a story can inspire other people and make them factor that into the lens they are living their life from.


Sally Z


With Spoken word, you have to show more than you tell.

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