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235: The Journey Series – What we need to become a better speaker.

Hey, Movers!

The journey IS the THERE.

And it is SO TRUE for us as speakers, too: People come to me in such varying stages – some embracing the path opening themselves up to learning and growing and some – resisting the journey wanting to rush to the END, to this idea of THERE…

When in reality – there is no THERE. It is a circular, constant evolution and iteration and growth process.

So I decided help us ALL embrace this journey we’re on by sharing some of my all-time favorite conversations I’ve had about these really essential parts of the journey. The parts that even if we are on board with… we have to always keep working on. Cause the journey IS the there.

Over the last four years I’ve talked with some incredible people – some of whom it’s fair to assume you’ve heard of – and others, you likely haven’t. And yet – ALL of these conversations held some AHA moments that will help us walk along in the journey more openly, more thoughtfully – more courageously.

I’ve got 10 episodes for you, re-published favorites here on This Moved Me. And I can’t wait for you to hear!

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The journey is the there.


Sally Z

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