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233: The Value of Your “Back-Pocket” Talk

Hey, Movers!

I’m thinking back on the thrill of getting a request to speak. 
Especially when those gigs are a few months away, it feels like you’ve got all the time in the world to create your talk. 
A month out,  you think – I should work on that – but I still have some time. I’ll get to it… later.  You know, waiting on that brilliant spark of inspiration.
And then suddenly you’re two weeks away, and panic sets in. No brilliant spark of inspiration – just a rock in the gut, realizing you’ve got a lot to do in a little time – and if you want to do this well you probably should have started… YESTERDAY. 
The next two weeks are miserable. Stressful. You’re snapping at the people around you, staying up too late, not taking care of yourself (cause you’re doing this ON TOP of everything else).
Why does everything always happen at the same time, you ask yourself?!
And then – the moment comes – and you step out front… and instead of feeling like a rockstar cause you’re totally prepared – you feel scattered, scared, and know this whole thing could have gone better… IF. 
  1. If you had something you were working off of, instead of starting from scratch each time. 
  2. If you had given yourself more time, and weren’t rushing the process. 
  3. If you weren’t trying things out on the audience – and instead had pursued some outside help to get feedback, some guidance… and maybe even some encouragement.
Imagine what having a talk that is DONE and READY and in your back pocket can do…

It can save you time, stress, and all of the pulling out of the hair that seems to always – but doesn’t need to – accompany creating a talk you can be proud of.

We never WANT that, until we’ve just experienced the NEED for it, which is typically after we didn’t do it. 

And then we get lulled, once again, into complacency.
Now I’m NOT saying that having a talk in your back pocket means you offer your audience a cookie-cutter approach.
Each talk, each audience, each context – is different.
But instead of starting from scratch – you’re starting from 75% awesome.
You have your core stories – and you’ve developed the key points they make.
You have a WOW beginning, and a solid end. Instead of experimenting every time…you know it works. (Gosh, what a relief!)
This is what it means to have a powerful Signature Talk in your back pocket that you TRUST – that you can lean on – that you’ve worked hard on and that will work hard for you.
So what I want you to do…is I want you to move ‘creating your signature talk’ to the top of your to do list.
Maybe you’ve got some extra time on your hands?.. hello, pandemic.
Maybe you’re juggling a million things – and home schooling – AND trying to keep your anxiety at bay…hello pandemic.
Either way – we can move speaking up the list – because we always do what’s most important.
If you want to make your mark – be known in your field as a go-to expert – and influence, move and impact your audience (whoever they may be)…then investing time and energy into your talk is one of the most powerful things you can do.
And the good news is that over the next few weeks I’ve got some awesome resources coming your way to help.
  • Giving your talk will feel so much better when you know you have prepared, showing up already 75% awesome
  • Always make time for what is important to you – like speaking
  • Put in the work to create a powerful talk so that you can feel extra confident when the time to speak comes – and leave your mark in your field
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I want you to move ‘creating your signature talk’ to the top of your to do list.


Sally Z


Instead of starting from scratch,  you’re starting from 75% awesome.

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