231: The Powerful Pre-Talk Ritual

Hey, Movers!

Every few weeks I get the question – how can I navigate through my fears? Or, how can I handle my pre-talk jitters? 
I love this question. It owns the reality of our pre-talk jitters and that we ALL get them… 
And let me say – I sure HOPE you’re getting some pre-talk jitters!!! Cause that means you’re about to do something big and potentially awesome! 
Yes, it also means it could be potentially BAD to the same degree but in the opposite direction – but guess what? It doesn’t help to think about that… 
So instead – we’re going to talk about ways to get our brain focused, our heart ready, and our bodies strong so that we walk into that moment (or turn on the camera for that moment), ready to be brave… 
I think of my prep in three areas: body, mind, and spirit. 

#1. BODY – This is a big one because your body is your instrument. It’s essential that you keep it healthy and ready!

#2. MIND – This is all about MANAGING your mind. 

#3. SPIRIT (HEART) – This is about getting your HEART in the right place. Who is this for? Why does this matter? This is about drawing on your purpose, and getting your heart centered on your audience. 

I workout in the a.m. 


I am wearing something I feel GREAT in




I step out front and ENJOY THE RIDE

What about you?  What do YOU do to prep your body, mind, and spirit so you can approach each moment with confidence – open to the present moment.
This is a little preview into content I share in my Signature Talk Course that opens in a few weeks. We cover content development, delivery tips and tricks. We also cover mindset and preparation… because having a compelling and powerful talk written that you can deliver well only gets you so far, so we can’t forget about the MINDSET side! 
  • You are not the only one feeling nervous, its normal!
  • Remember, I hope you are feeling some pre-talk jitters to fuel your talk 
  • We CAN manage the jitters. Its all about your pre-talk prep. Focus on your body, mind and spirit
  • Reflect on what you can to be open to the present moment – your mindset can make all the difference 
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Pre-talk jitters mean you’re about to do something awesome!


Your mindset is important. Having a compelling and powerful talk written that you can deliver well only gets you so far.


Sally Z

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