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230: Mover Spotlight: Kate Fitzsimons

Hey, Movers!

Hey Movers!

On the show this week, I get to share with you one of my awesome speakers, Kate Fitzsimons. She is a youth motivational speaker from Australia – and speaks with teens all over her country about resilience…

But then she got the opportunity of a lifetime: the next “bigger” stage, as I like to put it… 

  • and she realized she wanted a little extra help. Didn’t want to leave anything on the table
  • Didn’t want to get to that moment and feel like she *should have, could have, done more…

When you have a ‘high-stakes’ opportunity – that’s often the point where we say… I need some help. I want to make sure I nail this. I want to feel like I’ve done what I can, I don’t want to leave anything to chance. So she hired me to help her develop her American talk. 

And Kate is one of my most hard-working speakers…gives 110% in everything she does, and it shows. I’m so excited for you to hear about the process of creating her new signature talk… 

I thought it would be awesome to also talk with Kate about how she’s taken her talk virtual over the last few months – and what she’s learned along the way. Some good stuff in here, my friends. 

Here’s the deal – This whole thing is a learning process.

  • Creating a talk
  • Giving it in each new context – virtual, keynote, TED-type talk, podcast convo

The learning isn’t always easy – but if you really show up – and give it you all – and pay attention to the learnings – we get better. Kind of like life. 

As Kate and I share in this delightful conversation…becoming a better speaker truly is the process of becoming a better human. 

Hope you enjoy. 

Here she is – 
Kate Fitzsimons. 

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You don’t have to know it all now, you can figure it out one step at a time.

-Kate Fitzsimons


Sally Z

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