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227: 3 Beliefs You Need to Become a TED-type Speaker

Hey, Movers!

Right now we are focusing on what we need to be ready to create our Signature talk, and offer to the world the ideas that only YOU can offer them.
TED Talks have established a new norm. Because it’s such a wildly popular platform, and because thought leaders want to stand on that platform, the expectations around speaking have changed. It cannot be about our business – it has to be about an IDEA. The TED Platform will not entertain talks that feel like selling.
So – what I want to talk about today are three beliefs that you need before you can own the title of TED speaker and thought leader.
1) I belong on this stage.
I belong on THIS stage. I belong on THE platform that so many people all over the world have on their bucket list! (Whether you speak virtually or in-person – the “stage” is out front!) Because there are all of these expectations that surround the idea of what a TED Speaker is… it has to do with being “worthy” of it. Ugh.
So – we have to know, deep in our soul – that we are worthy
We don’t always start at this point – but the process of developing your talk will walk you to this point. And though the process is difficult and will put you through a lot to get there – you will get there. It’s part of the process!
Even as a presentation coach, the process of me getting my TED talk ready?  I remember at one point suddenly questioning everything I know, wondering if I really belonged up there.
Because it’s such a powerful platform, creating and delivering a talk like this will call into question your belief in yourself, and bring up every self-doubt and fear and obstacle that we have. So we have to start with our belief that you belong up there.
If you have in your head, “I want to do a TED Talk” – then somewhere else in your brain is a voice saying “You belong up there.” That’s the voice we’re going to listen to!
2) I don’t know everything, but I know this.
Your TED talk is built on significant AHA moments that you have learned and experienced. It can be about the tiniest niche and idea. You are not expected to know everything; I fact, I think it’s powerful to acknowledge that you don’t know things – so that when you say ‘but I do know this’ – your audience can feel secure in that. 
Do you know what you know? Creating a TED-type talk will help pull this out of you, I promise!
3) This will make the world better.
This idea is going to make the world better. People need to hear this.
If you don’t believe that or are driven by a sense of purpose around your idea or TED Talk, it won’t have much feet.
That purpose will drive passion for your idea and delivery. If you can’t articulate why this matters, it won’t have the impact that you want because it’s not ready yet. (The TED Talk Jump-Start Kit will help you move through this as well!)
Your TED Talk is built on significant AHA moments that you have learned and experienced
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