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226: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Hey, Movers!

Tiffany Mattick spent the last 20+ years being an expert and trusted “facilitator”, teacher and workshop leader – but NOT a speaker. Which is what brought her to me. 
Tiffany knew that speaking is good for her business – for her brand – for her movement and for her message. She WANTED to do it. She planned and strategized around it. She worked with a coach. She was thrilled to get the opportunity to step on stage as a keynoter at this big conference. And she was also scared. 
“I’m not a speaker” – she said. 
What?! You speak all the time!, I said! You lead workshops, and get on Lives and create videos… Why not be a speaker?!
This has been our conversation over the last few years as we’ve worked together – 
and finally, she had a breakthrough. At one of her recent speaking engagements, she finally felt like a SPEAKER.
How about you!?
Are you ready to BE a speaker?
Are you ready to step through whatever invisible barriers exist that are keeping us from those big stage moments?
So embrace the potential of our power and leadership? 

Ep 226: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


“I believe the world would be a different place if we could all stand into who we are.”

  • Key mindset shifts that help you shift out of what is holding you back so you can step on stage. 
  • Self Trust: believing ourselves to be worthwhile of this power and moment. We’ve practiced enough so we can be fully present.
  • How to finally feel confident and step into vulnerability


This Moved Me Moments

Tiffany: Her son got accepted into an entrepreneurial program he’s been focused on getting into. Reminded her that if we put in the work, good things are indeed happening – even at this time. 

Sally : Watched this beautiful TEDx talk by Louis Schwartzberg about Gratitude. It’s a gorgeous 10-minute reminder about the beauty of life.
Quotes & Inspiration to Move and BeMoved


Once you can own your own stories – and share them authentically and vulnerably – you can step into your power on stage.


Sally Z

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I’ve created this awesome resource – the TED Talk Jump-Start Kit –
And in it are three things: 
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  2. 2) A fabulous pdf workbook with some simple prompts to help you pull out the essential stories, pillar ideas, and themes that will point you towards your topic
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Friends – this is all free. In about a month, I’ll be launching my new Signature Talk course – and if creating that one talk that you can use in ANY context is where you’re at and what you need to help build your brand, your business, and your movement – you are going to want to join us for that! More info about that coming soon.