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225: Why NOW is the time to Create Your Signature Talk

Hey, Movers!

Time. Do you have an abundance of it all of a sudden?  
Or – at least different kinds of time. TIME has freed up in some incredible ways… and it opens up possibilities for us… 
I was on a Zoom call this morning (sound familiar?!), and this amazing entrepreneur I was talking to told me that speaking was “always on the list, but never at the top of it – Until now.” 
Her business has slowed a bit, and now she has TIME – and she is taking that time to invest in her speaking skills, among other things. <3 
I am so delighted in all of the ways people are seeing this time as full of POSSIBILITIES… possibilities are my JAM. They drive me. 
Think of all of the things happening right now because of TIME we didn’t have before… 
  1. Time with my family. 
  2. Time to organize that over-stuffed closet. 
  3. Time to master a new skill. 
  4. Time to take more walks. 
  5. And – I believe – Time to dive into your talks, your video skills, and your speaking. 
We don’t know when exactly live events will be coming back online (no pun intended there) – but when they do, you want to be ready. 
This is an amazing time to do the thing that is always on your list – but never at the top of it… 
NOW is the time to create your signature talk. 
So you can say YES to the podcast requests without worry
Seek out that conference opportunity you KNOW you’d offer value to
To help build your brand – grow your audience – and become the thought leader in your space. 
Investing time in a core talk now that you can use in hundreds of ways – is powerful not just for your eventual conference talk or TED talk – it’s valuable for EVERY TIME you show up to offer a message, share your story, and LEAD.
Investing time in a core talk now that you can use in hundreds of ways will help you LEAD in a more powerful way through this crisis, and after it.
  • Why NOW is the time to invest in your speaking skills and your business messages
  • How creating your Signature Talk creates demand for your speaking – both in-person and virtually
  • What you want to ‘Be’ when we can start bringing our message to live audience
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Sally Z

Join us for the TED Talk Jump-Start Kit!

I’ve created this awesome resource – the TED Talk Jump-Start Kit –
And in it are three things: 
  • 3-minute video training with the 1 essential thing you need to know before you create your signature talk
  • A PDF workbook with some prompts to help you find your stories, pillar ideas, and themes that will point you towards your topic
  • A Pop-Up group in Movers-U that is solely focused on helping you find your topic! This is FREE and a limited-time group and it’s going to be awesome. Weekly LIVE Q&A’s with me, resources to help support you – and a Mastermind interview from a TED Talk guru with some awesome AHA’s that will be key in your process.
To sign up for the Ted Talk Jump-Start Kit – go to
You can sign up there – and I’ll send you access to all the goods.
Friends – this is all free. In about a month, I’ll be launching my new Signature Talk course – and if creating that one talk that you can use in ANY context is where you’re at and what you need to help build your brand, your business and your movement – you are going to want to join us for that! More info about that coming soon.