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224: What is a Signature Talk?

Hey, Movers!

I was on Zoom with an entrepreneur recently who said – 
“You keep saying Signature Talk – and I *think* I know what that means – but I’m not sure.”
So let me get clear for you – because whatever we call it – we all need one: 
Signature talk – that one idea you’re known for – what no one else can talk about or do like YOU… 
Sometimes Signature Talks are in the form of TED Talks – 
or Branded talks
or Keynote talks
or get re-purposed in all kinds of ways 
  1. in podcast conversations
  2. or Creative Mornings talks
  3. or video messages
  4. in courses
  5. or marketing messages
  6. in webinars and workshops
But it all starts with your Signature Talk. – or you might hear me just short-cut it to call it your TED-Talk. Cause we all get what that is – and the TED talk approach is both what audiences now expect, and many event planners are looking for.
Do you have a Signature Talk?
Your signature talk is scalable, repeatable – and powerful
  • What is a signature talk?
  • Why do we need one?
  • How many you need?
  • Where can you use one?
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Sally Z

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In about a month, I’ll be launching my new Signature Talk course. And if creating that one talk that you can use in ANY context is where you’re at and what you need to help you build your brand, your business, and your movement – you are going to want to join us for that! More info about that coming soon.