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222: Scott Savage – Fearless Speaking in This New World

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Fear is a part of speaking. So why even bring up the idea of FEARLESS.…?  Because as we grow and develop in our ability to step into risk and bring our voice out into the world, what we’re doing is practicing moving THROUGH FEAR. Not that we don’t experience fear – we do, and we always will, if we’re doing the important stuff and pushing ourselves. So – as we take on any new risk, new venture, new challenge  – we want to move through fear so that we can experience FREEDOM in the speaking. 

Getting to FREEDOM means we want to act FEARLESS, even though we are afraid. 

In this new virtual world – we need to be fearless in a powerful way. 

Talking to an empty audience? – Move through your fear – your audience still needs you. 

Attempting a Webinar for the first time to share your message? Move through that fear – your audience still needs you. 

Trying a totally new approach in your message sharing? Show up, do the work, even when you’re afraid – your audience still needs you. 

And on today’s on the show I’m talking with Scott Savage – a pastor and frequent guest on This Moved Me – because he brings a passion for the craft of speaking and combines it with his wise and generous spirit. 

I asked Scott how he’s moved his speaking virtually – and what that means for him – AND, we talk about the skills and mindset needed to do these kinds of things. Because he himself has moved THROUGH fear, he is now experiencing the FREEDOM in his speaking – and it’s inspiring.

Ep 222 Scott Savage Fearless Speaking in This New World


This is a potent time for us as leaders to hone our message and love our audience.

  • The new skill required to talk to an audience that isn’t there
  • What we can be doing RIGHT NOW to attune our message to our audience’s needs
  • An essential question to ask yourself to make sure you’re taking the next risk in front of you. 


Resources & Links
This Moved Me Moments

1 – Video – Sheryl Sandberg – doctors singing Imagine – unpack the emotions within the work that we do. How do I do my CRAFT, my work – in a rapidly changing context… and how do I do that in a way that I’m also caring for myself?

2 – Michael Hyatt – – check out his stuff. People who are feeding people right now. Do they care what I’m saying? Do they care about what I’m doing? But people are HUNGRY for hope. The people who are pushing through the internal battles, keeping their message going… 

What inspires me is that you recognize people are HUNGRY. 
When you go out there and do what you do
even if you’ve never done any of this before, and you’re willing t get up and show up and do the work to try and help people? 
That is inspiring. 

Be a Better

Brad Montague’s new book. All of this time together as a family – this is a chance for us to create the story and experience of this moment in history. We are creating it as we’re living it. So – what is the story we’re creating for our kids?

And – as Scott points out: Brad had no idea that his book was going to launch in the middle of this…The worry, the concern, the fear, the guilt, the questions! – Is this what the world needs right now? But THIS is what the world needs right now! 

Quotes & Inspiration to Move and BeMoved


Listen to your audience. They are telling you what they need. 


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