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221: Adjusting Your Content to the Context of NOW

Hey, Movers!

What I am hearing from you is that you are moving quickly – thinking of new ways of reaching your audience – and working hard to pivot your message so it’s on context of the NOW, which is soooo important. 
So – here are some things I want you to do as you adjust your content to be attuned to the context of NOW. 
and this is soooo important because messages work that RESONATE. 
If you GET your audience – 
feel them
understand the pain, the struggle, the hopes… I think the way forward it clearer. 
But let me lay out a few key things that will help.
  1. Decide how your message needs to shift. What does your audience need to hear NOW? – And what can YOU say/do to help them?
It’s like an audience venn diagram: it’s two circles that overlap a little bit – and where the overlap is is where we want to build and focus our energies. 
It helps us find the magic of the message for this moment.
The two circles that come together are:
  1. Your expertise
  2. How this NOW is affecting your audience. It’s not just what do they need generally. but how is this particular context and ‘now’ affecting them? What are their particular struggles that this crisis has created or realized?
Where do those two things overlap? Thats what you want to speak to right now.
2 – How can you change your current message *just enough* to help?
Now that we are helping *just enough* – we are helping all we can – but let’s also be real:
We are moving quickly.
Starting from scratch might be necessary – but we want to be in connection and serve people NOW – not in three months once you re-do everything to pivot and attend to your people.
So we want to find the quickest – and most needed – way to serve.
3 – And we keep it simple and SHIP IT.
Now more than ever, the focus isnt on PERFECTION. Perfect is not just the enemy of good – its the enemy of DONE. Its the enemy of HELPING. 
Heres the deal, my movers…
all of this is great advice for ANYTIME – not just when were dealing with a global pandemic.  I would give this SAME advice to anyone
Your message should be attuned to the pains of your audience NOW (not 6-months ago when you first wrote the talk or first had the idea)
Your message doesnt need to be re-created each time; we can find simple ways to make it relevant, powerful, impactful
And Your message does not need to be perfect or like you dreamed about in order for it to have an impact. Get it out there.
Decide how your message needs to shift. What does your audience need to hear NOW? – And what can YOU say/do to help them?
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