Tips for Better Videos

220: Braving Videos – 5 tips to confidently present via video

Hey, Movers!

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE live audiences! I love live events. It’s at the heart and core of what we do.
But we can’t do them right now – and that’s ok. 
It really is!

Because there’s power and purpose in video that allows for NEW connections and impact… IF we can embrace and brave video.

And I know that’s how it can feel: like are are doing something really BRAVE.
And it is.
I promise: it won’t always feel like you’re walking into the unknown with video. 
Several years ago, I HATED video. I did it, but I felt self-conscious and unsure and … really self-critical. I didn’t like how I felt doing videos, so I didn’t like videos. 
But I HAD to embrace it to serve my audience – and so I have. Now I actually really like video!
So – I want to share with you a few key tips that have helped me do better videos, and speak with more confidence virtually.
  • Keep it simple – simple clothing, simple ideas, simple approach. Don’t overdo it. 
  • Imagine a friendly face beyond the camera. Warm energy.
  • Use the Rule of 3… or 5. 
  • “Authenticity” rules – and that means that you don’t have to be PERFECT. Be You!
  • PRACTICE so you can let go and be in the moment. 
Last week when I was doing this webinar – so many of you just needed a nudge – permission. To not let the excuses get in the way of doing it. Believe me, I’m always working through my excuses, too… 
And I’m here to empower and support you! 
I didn’t like how I felt doing videos, so I didn’t like videos. 
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