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217: Julian Treasure-Listening To Your Audience So You Speak With More Impact

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Julian Treasure is a world-renown speaker whose TED talk is one of the 10-most watched TED talks of all-time, and whose vision is to transform the world by inspiring people to listen consciously and speak powerfully. Julian is a sound and communication expert. He travels the world training people to listen better and create healthier sound. He is author of the books How to be Heard and Sound Business. Julian’s five TED talks have been watched more than 80 million times. Julian is regularly featured in the world’s media, including TIME Magazine, The Times, The Economist and the BBC.

I am so thrilled to have Julian back on the show to talk about how we can tune into our audiences, listen to what they’re telling us – and speak so that people will listen. Enjoy!



I love speaking because it’s one of the times I am most present.

  • How to adjust your approach based on your Audience’s ‘listening’
  • How to use empathy as the basis for your audience connection
  • The importance of learning about your audience before you step into the space
  • The four C’s of listening: Consciousness, Commitment, Curiosity, Compassion
  • Two addictions that keep us from being fully present with our audience
  • And TED’s Chris Anderson’s answer to What is most important?: content or delivery?
  • and B.E.S.S. – four keys to speaking well…
  • What do do when you forget your script (and how to turn it into an audience


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This Moved Me Moments

Julian: Listening with all fibers of the being. “In Aukney Scotland, we occasionally get amazing skies. And last week we went out with the dogs at sunset, which is only 3:45 in the winter here. And I’ve never seen the sky like it in my life! It was awesome, in the proper sense of the word. It was awe-inspiring. It connected me with my insignificance as a human being, and with the universe. with beauty. Nature is a big source of my spiritual connection. Almost to the point of tears. I think it’s important to listen in every way… it was sad to think that there were thousands of people inside and missed it. Or perhaps even were walking around and didn’t look at it it. It’s easy to go through life not listening, not perceiving. but if you get active, conscious listening – then life becomes so much richer, and there’s so much to enjoy, and so much that we miss if we go into sleep walking existence.”

Sally: Daily meditation with Book of Awakenings with Mark Nepo [https://www.amazon.com/Book-Awakening-Having-Present-Anniversary/dp/1590035003/]. Looking for a better morning meditation… so I have been reading every morning. And this morning when I read it I thought, “This will have to be my TMM”
“January 9th – Life in the Tank
“It was a curious thing. Robert had filled the bathtub and put the fish in the tub so he could clean their tank…After he had scrubbed the film from the small walls of their make-believe deep he went to retrieve them. He was astonished to find that though they had the entire tub to swim in, they were huddled in a small area the size of their tank. There was nothing containing them, nothing holding them back. Why wouldn’t they dart about freely? What had life in the tank done to their natural ability to swim? This quiet yet stark moment stayed with us a long time. We couldn’t help but see those little fish going nowhere but into themselves. We now had a life in the tank lens on the world… and wondered daily? In what ways are we like them? In what ways do we go nowhere but into ourselves? In what ways do we shrink our world so as not to feel the press of our own self-imposed captivity. Life in the tank made me think of how we are raised as home and school. Of being schooled to live a certain way. Of being trained to think that only practical things are possible – of being warned over and over that life outside the tank of our values is risky and dangerous. I began to see just how much we were taught to fear life outside the tank. As a father Robert began to question whether he was preparing his kids for life in the tank, or Life in an Uncontainable World.”

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The way you listen affects the way I speak; The way I speak affects the way you listen.


Sally Z

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