So, how do we tell our stories with authenticity?

197: How to speak our stories with authenticity (the speaking story course is open!)

If you have an idea that you are bringing to the world, that means you also have a story

Behind every idea is a powerful story,

and so… it matters how we bring it out into the world.

How we develop it

– how we find ourselves in it

– how we connect with our audience

– and how we use that story to help amplify and elevate not just our voice, but he message and idea that you are so passionate about.

And so, today’s episode is all about how we’re going to do that in our Speaking Story course that goes live October 30th!

It is not easy to tell a fantastic, memorable story that slows down time.

If you google  – how to tell a story – you can find thousands of resources that offer formulas, approaches, top 10 lists, etc.

But storytelling is also incredibly personal. Your story and the way you tell it is going to be different for each person! Which makes this work challenges – and rewarding!

It’s art and science. And we can’t just bring the science, we also need the art – 

This isn’t just – Here’s a formula – go do!

We’re going to overcome some of the barriers that keep you from really showing up and doing something powerful with that story

So at the end of this course, you will have a CLARIFIED story that AMPLIFIES your idea, CONNECTS your idea to your audience, and helps them CARE about it, and you’re going to feel more ready to send up and share it 

So what does it include?

  • It is 4 weeks of LIVE sessions on Tuesdays, within 24 hours they’ll be up on Movers-U if you can’t catch us live. 
  • Fridays you’ll get LIVE q&A over on Facebook to personalize the lessons
  • And we are developing a private Facebook group where you can geek out on all things talks – and walk each other through the course. bring your questions, ideas, insights and guidance… cause we all bring something to the table. 

The cost of this course with all of that is $97 – steal! – and I’m really excited to be offering you a handful of bonuses that will help you take this to the next level –  I think are going got be AWESOME – I can’t wait to share them with you!

Are you ready?