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154: Brett Trapp: On Excruciating Vulnerability (And Sharing Anyway)

Brett Trapp of the online memoir/story/audio story Blue Babies Pink is a writer, speaker and marketing consultant whose story took my heart by storm this past spring. Brett’s “Southern coming out story” has been described as the “Netflix of blogs” – and is the epitome of Brené Brown’s “excruciating vulnerability.” He risked a lot to tell his true story. And it’s awesome.

So I was thrilled to get him on the show to talk about what it really means to tell his own true story with so much grace – and to embrace not only the need for us as speakers and leaders to speak with vulnerability, but the power of that embracing as well.

Show Highlights


On the show, we talked about:

  • The power of what’s on the other side of 20-seconds of courage
  • The power of ‘picking yourself’ – and following your creativity
  • The role of our imagination in creativity and fear
  • Why we even dare to step into this space, and speak

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This Moved Me Moments


If you haven’t yet experienced S-Town, here you go.

Small town America. Racism, murder, intrigue, suspicion, homophobia, love, family, mental illness – and characters that are too unbelievable to be made up.

Have I got you interested yet?


Dina Nayeri’s beautiful and moving article in The Guardian called The Ungrateful Refugee.

As Brett said, “It’s tragic to hear her talk about the shame she feels around her culture.”

Thank you, Brett.