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153: Lauren Pibworth – On Marketing Your Greatness

Lauren Pibworth of Pibworth Consulting Agency for Speakers is joining me on the show today! She is a gem – and a powerhouse for speakers, helping you do all the behind-the-scenes work to help you find your audience and speak to more people – which is really the point of all this work we’re doing!

It was a delight to have her on the show – hope you enjoy!

Show Highlights


On the show, we talked about:

  • What speakers need to bring their voice to the world and share their message more
  • Getting clarity on exactly what you want to do with your speaking
  • Focusing on the people who hire you vs. the people who love you (your audience)
  • What step #1 is in getting your message out there
  • How pitching in terms of “benefits” will get you in the door
  • How finding your tribe can help you get through the tough spots

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This Moved Me Moments


Lauren went to Cozumel – and for the first time – wore a bikini on the beach. A smaller woman (who she would consider seemingly physically perfect) was congratulating her. And Lauren was so moved because whatever your size is – we really can’t just assume that someone else’s pain is more or less.

“What makes me think that my pain about being insecure was greater than hers because my hips were bigger?”

Good for you, Lauren! Way to get out there.

If we want to take a risk and show who are – whether that’s on the beach or on the stage, there’s a similar vulnerability (at least metaphorically). We need to liberate ourselves from whatever is holding us back from being who we are!


My friend Lindsay and her husband Bjork are genius online people. She runs Pinch of Yum, and he runs several websites, including Food Blogger Pro.

And – they are two of the kindest people I’ve ever known.

Last December, they lost their son, Afton. He came early – 23 weeks – and lived for about 24 hours.

Take an hour and read about Lindsay and Bjork’s sweet little Afton. 

Sad and beautiful. Vulnerability and courage. Thank you, Lindsay, for your courage and honesty and the legacy you are creating for your Afton. I am honored to know him through your story.


Download Lauren’s Beautiful Quote and Stay Inspired

“The more of myself I show to the world, the happier I am.”