141: Kid President’s Brad Montague – On Creativity with a Purpose

[Brad Montague – creator of Kid President, creative genius, Founder of the Montague Workshop, and an overall wonderful human! As the creator of Kid President, Brad brought a message of hope and joy to life with his brother-in-law, Robbie. Together they created a “joy rebellion” that has inspired millions  – and which compelled him up on stage, continuing to create videos and stories that bring light and joy into the world. I had the great pleasure of seeing Brad up on stage at the STORY Gathering last year – and since then we’ve been trying to arrange a conversation. It finally happened! And I couldn’t be more excited to share with you a glimpse into Brad’s kindness, insight and purpose – and his message for all of us:

If we can bring purpose and intention to our creative work – it works magic.

Such a joy to have you on the show, Brad!

To all: enjoy.

Show Highlights

On the show, we talked about:

This Moved Me Moments


Andy and I went to see the Guthrie’s King Lear – and it was beautiful. The moment at the end (spoiler alert? If you didn’t know, everybody dies, which should come as no surprise as it’s a Shakespearian tragedy…) when Lear is mourning the loss of his youngest daughter, Cordelia. She is dead. He is holding her, and crying, lamenting, engrossed in his grief. He’s a giant, brought to a tiny version of himself… and he is lost. It was magnificently acted. <3 KUDOS. There’s nothing like live theater to remind you of the powerful cocktail of

There’s nothing like live theater to remind you of the powerful cocktail of audience and “speaker”! (And – it brought Andy and I back to the time when WE did that show! So fun.) And! It’s still running for a few more days… If you’re in the Twin Cities – don’t miss it!


Brad talked about The Dead Bird, written by popular children’s book writer, Margaret Wise Brown. It’s about a bunch of kids who find a dead bird. It deals with themes such as life and death, and living in the moment, but it is also filled with joy. It is a work of art, which is both timely and timeless.

And, here’s a look at Brad’s beautiful story about the balloon…