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132: Jason Jaggard – On the Mindset of a Creative Leader

Jason Jaggard – a coach, speaker, social innovator for cultural change and CEO/Founder of Spark Good and consultant with Novus Global. I got the chance to see Jason speak at Story2016 in Nashville this fall, and he was excellent. Funny, insightful, bold. I was so inspired by what I heard that I went to his breakout session – which BLEW MY MIND. I literally wrote a billion things on my notes (well, ok, not a *billion*, but close). I still think about his ideas and insights and try to apply them to my work and life. While I was sitting in the audience of his talk and his breakout session, I thought to myself again and again, speakers need these same mindsets. 

In fact, we ALL do. Anyone doing creative work that yearns to influence requires something big in us as creators. What do we need? Well, take a listen!

Show Highlights

  • His experience speaking at STORY 2016
  • Treating yourself well after a talk
  • Habits of creating extraordinary communities
  • Making courageous choices as speakers/leaders

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This Moved Me Moments


Sally talked about Martin Pistorius’ TED talk called “How my mind came back to life – and no one knew.” In his talk, he shared his intriguing story, but he also shatters all ideas we have of what makes a good talk! Please take a listen if you haven’t already.


Jason talked about watching the presidential debates with his friend. While at his friend’s house, he got the opportunity to listen to a political mind describe what’s happening in the nation. He was moved by the kindness, thoughtfulness and intelligence of the people he met. It was one of those time-slowing down moments for him.